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This blog was dormant for a long time. The last 20 or so postings still need updating but we are back and hope you will heed these pleas and send a card or letter. Feel free to email or call with any questions and we do offer forwarding service, (where you use my address as your return Address)if you do no want to give out your address. To find out current whereabouts of a prisoner, follow this link:

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

New requests posted 2 23 17 to be refined


   Elijah Brooks 2048201; GBCI, PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307

We will be posting more for this gentleman. He maintains that he is innocent of the crime he was convicted of-- sex offense. There is little that is more misunderstood than this issue and we have started a blog on the issue (now dormant) and with Elijah's  help we will regenerate it. 

Administrative Confinement Prisoners
  these are prisoners who spend years in solitary, sometime decades- often for what seems like arbitrary reasons. FFUP is looking into reports of an increasing number of transfers to AC at Wisconsin  Secure Program Facility (WSPF), often of the mentally ill who have their diagnoses conveniently changed to be the least serious. The seriously mentally ill are legally banned from WSPF. We believe this draconian procedure is a response to serious overcrowding in other WI prisons. there iis always room at WSPF.
Robert Ward 515599 WSPF , PO BOX 9900; Boscobel, WI 53805

Robert Ward is 26 y.o., mentally ill, and struggling hard to make it through his time in solitary. He will be released in 2018 and needs desperately to make contacts now that will help him make a healthy transition to the free world. He is receiving no training or programming,  he has no tv or radio. and like the rest of AC prisoners, sleep is rare as the mats are hard, the lights are on 24/7, and they report that the food rations get ever smaller. AC prisoners are always hungry.
He is upbeat and intends to make it- Would be much helped if he could have a corresponding friend.
See his longer post here:"to all that will listen"

most recent addition:Robert Ward's latest submission:

Jarvis Gordon Jarvis Gordon 551848
WSPF PO Box 9900. Boscobel, WI 53805

Typed from February 1st letter
I don’t know why they put me on AC because I was in Green Bay and they told me I would be getting out of seg september 19th 2016 but in August of 2016 they put me on AC when I was going to get out of seg Boscobel put me on. And don’t want to take me off. But on the support (my (Peggy's) question: do you have any support for after you are released?)- not really and right now it’s looking like I will be released to Kenosha County. Can you help me get a house before I get out. If I can I would like to keep you up to date? August 5th I got to Boscobel – I was 19 when they put me on and I been down from February 2013 and have not got one program given me. You do what you want with this.

Jarvis Gordon letter

Dion Matthews 254399 WSPF PO Box 9900, Boscobel WI 53805

Dion Mathews AC statement

“I’ve been housed at WSPF since 2006, and from that time until now I’ve spent mainly ten of those years in solitary confinement. I was in general popoulation in 2015 and was out back on solitary confinement that same year. I was put back essentially for writing a letter to the warden here and administrative staff, requesting more opportunities for prisoners here. Those requests were written respectfully, politely and honestly.
After viewing this request, apparently officials at this institution decided that they needed to write me a conduct report stating that I was a “gang member” and I’m writing this administration “demanding changes." The conduct report stated that in my proposal I wrote “we ask,” and “we propose” and that meant to this administration that I was “demanding things.”
That interpretation was quite preposterous indeed. Enclosed is one of the letters I sent to the warden and there you can see how respectful my writings tend to be. This case is currently in front of the US District Court Western District of Wisconsin, and documents can be accessed through the courts electronic filing system at Dion Matthews V lebbens Brown 16cv 650. Needless to say, the psychological and physical effects of long term solitary confinement is devastating especially in the situation when no kind of legitimate interest existed or exists. This is just punishment for punishment’s sake.
Dion Mathews 254399 WSPF

Dion Matthews story and letter to warden:
Dion Matthews DOC profile:

Bobby Kimble

 Bobby Kimble 164788, WSPF
Bobby Kimble: has all document including HROP (High risk offender)program timeline

story transcribed below
I decide to write you because I do have a story to tell, not only do I have a story, but I also worked in solitary confinement for 6 1/2 years on and off at the Waupun Correctional Institution. I worked inside restrictive housing unit North Program and North transition which are both located in the North cell Hall at Waupun. I also worked in the infamous Waupun segregation unit, I was a swamper there. During my time as swamper, I used to deal with the entire solitary population at WCI and in transition I used to interact with those who would be long or short term confinement. Some would be transferred for other segregation units like Wisconsin Secure Program Facility [WSPF], Green Bay Correctional Institution [GBCI], Columbia CI etc. and I even dealt with guys who would come from the Wisconsin  Resource Center. So from 2002 -2015 I was either around or working around or inside segregation. I have enclosed some correspondence, a rough draft copy of what I once sent the DOC administration concerning my plight. With you, I will share what happened to me and how I ended up in my current situation.
Back in late 2014 or early 2015, I was called up to a Waupun Administrative Captain’s office regarding some false allegations by an inmate who said I had said some false things about a guard. So soon after I left the security office word got back to the guard and some harassment followed. My character was assassinated by them going on a staff computer and then providing some confidential information pertaining to my past and then sharing the private past criminal conviction with some inmates. Soon after, I was being talked about by a lot of inmates. So basically like a fool I confronted one of the guards inside Waupun segregation unit where I was working. I am now facing attempted homicide battery from the incident. I will be getting sentenced on March 17th, 2017, 10 am in Dodge county and the supposed sentence I am supposed to receive is 15 years concurrent to my already existing sentence which is natural life. The DA from Dodge Kurt and Limberly and my attorney Greg Vollan have had discussions about issues that had been going on for a very long time at Waupun Facility. I have records that provide facts to my being harassed up there but unfortunately, I reacted and got myself in this jam. The DA from Dodge county never has initiated a John Doe probe on all that stuff from Waupun. I do know that the warden and deputy warden were reassigned to other facilities after the incident with me on 10/30/2015. The old Warden went to Dodge Correctional and deputy warden was reassigned to CCI. These changes occurred after the incident with me as told to me by my attorney, there were charges initiated by the head of DOC. I take full responsibility for my actions. I don’t have a lot of prior misconduct in the 19 years of incarceration and before my 2015 Waupun incident; my last conduct report was 11 or 12 years prior to that. I was a model prisoner and as such was allowed to work any job in Waupun. I have been in solitary since 10/30/2015, 8 months at DS-2 at CCI, Restrictive Housing Unit and 8 months here at WSPF. I have no other misconduct since the 10/30/15 incident. I didn’t attempt to homicide anyone, I shouldn’t of confronted anyone though.
Currently I am in this Behavior Modification Program which I am providing you a copy of it’s policy derective which has been promulgated and described to last for 12 months. I have been in the program since 7/25/16 so when I get sentenced in March 2017, I will be in the program for 8 months. I assume that I will then soon after the resolution of my case, be reviewed to go to the last phase of the HROP. If I am then advanced to phase green of the HROP , this phase is described to last up to 7 months, so a 12 month program which is described to last 12 months based on positive behavior and program completion does not apply to me because although I’ve done everything correctly ad positively, I will be in the HROP past the 12 months. The length of the HROP was changed by top administrators of DOC from 18 months down to 12  months ...[describes enclose inserts which will be posted soon]

Alvin Tubbs 480890; WSPF PO Box 9900, Boscobel, WI 53805
Alvin Tubbs:
transcribed below
My name is Alvin Tubbs. DOB is 10-8-83. I am Born and Raise on the South side of Chicago. I came up to Wisconsin at the end of 2004 to Madison. I took over the whole city by selling crack cocaine at Chicago prices than I went to Tomah and the city of Black River Falls and took over those cities by selling Crack also. In June of 06 the feds locked up 34 people in a drug ring and charged me with being BOSS of IT and put us on every news channel and newspaper. I was sentence 20 years in prison. Yes the prison system is much different from IL's system which I been in three times. Yes, it has been hard for me to cope in WI system because 90 percent of the inmates are snitches and sex offenders or don’t like people from Chicago.

This is a different world from what I came from; I have been to seg 4 times for fighting. My last fight was 2014 May, I have been on A/C since 2-20-15 and I have done with great conduct three programs since I been on A/C. I have only caught one major conduct report – I should of been off A/C. I seen them people off A/C that has caught conduct reports and has not done one program. But because I ‘m from Chicago and inmates has drop kites on me telling lies they don’t want to let me off Ac. I am now in the HROP program .
 My out date is next year. I have should been in a medium prison, so I can get used to being around people and help adapt back to society. But my mind is strong , my family in Chicago has supported thru these hard times. I have educated myself in many ways. I have also wrote URBAN Books about Chicago, The first one is typed and edited and I am trying to get it on E=Books. I am also looking for a good woman to cater to as my queen when I come home next year. And I am interested in any help I can get. I don’t need any as I have my own. If ya’ll have questions, please let me know and thank you.

Jamie Vest 314828 WSPF; PO BOX 9900; Boscobel, WI 53805

story :Jamie Vest:
                                                         transcribed below:

I hope you receive his letter in the best of health and spirits. For me, I am well, because I understand that the ways of life are forever and always uneven, but not always painful. I received your informational paper and am promptly replying.
Firstly, you CAN post my story and you CAN use my name. I am not sure what story you want so I  will just tell you how I got on AC this time, as a result of a concerted effort by WSPF staff after I was released from AC in 2010 (2004 to 2010)
In 2004, I was in New Lisbon (NLCI) and subsequently, due to fighting with correctional officers, I was transferred to WPSF on Nov. 12, 2004, and was ultimately subjected to AC until September 2010. During this time, the conditions on which endured was at least medieval torture-sensory deprivation, intimidation, seeing staff wear hats that said “nigger” on them. This led me to a state of anti-social behavior. When I was released from A/C in 2010, I remained in WSPF pseudo general population until February, 2011, when I was transferred to GBCI. Upon arrival at GBCI, the suppression continued. I was given numerous restrictions. I was not allowed schooling, a job, and was taken to the security area and spoken to by then Security Director Peter Erickson, LT Swiekatowski and Sgt Van Laanen who told me that they don’t like that I’m off A.C. and don’t like that I’m in GBCI and the first chance they get, they are putting me back in AC. I ultimately was forced back to WSPF on a lateral security transfer in November 2013 facilitated by Peter Erickson. In May 2016, I had a fight with another prisoner and within ten minutes of being in segregation, Captains Gardner and Brown told me they were putting me on AC, even though I had not had a major conduct report since 2012. To further show concerted oppression, captain Brown, who was the one who “officially” recommended my placement on AC, is now the one who controls the HROP, and who gets into it, which ultimately determines how long you will stay on AC. They have told me I will stay at WPSF on A/C until I am released from prison in 2018.

PRISONERS In segregation (basically just like A/C except it has a definite out date)
IN Seg:
Believe it or not, this is the most writing that I’ve done since 1997.  I’m currently in segregation and wish to establish contact with the outside world. Getting a letter from a real person, other than another inmate would be nice.  I am a convict however I’m not a con man. I haven’t spoken to the outside world in so long. Hope to hear from you.

Chris McDonald 254223; WCI; PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

My name is Chris McDonald and I’m an inmate at Waupun Correctional .I’m 49 years old, and serving a life sentence. I’ve been incarcerated for 24 years in maximum security. I’m not from Wisconsin, and don’t know anybody in the state, except for inmates. Let me explain; in 1992, my friend asked me to drive with him from Connecticut to Wisconsin to visit some relatives of hiss. Along the way, he actually confessed that he wanted to rob his wealthy grandmother and uncle. I should’ve made him turn the car around, but stupidly decided to go along with him, out of misguided  loyalty.  As it turned out, he actually wanted to kill them, which I didn’t know, until the moment the you know what hit the fan. I did help him restrain them during the robbery, but I didn’t have anything to do with killing them. He took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed them while I want outside. One month later, he was caught selling some of the stolen jewelry and arrested. The police thought that they had solved the crime. They didn’t know that 2 people were involved. I couldn’t live with the guilt and the night mares, So I called the police and turned myself in too. I pled guilty to party to a crime of homicide and my co-defendant pled guilty to the actual homicide.  Because of Wisconsin law, I got the same sentence as him even though I didn’t kill anyone. Ironically, he died of cancer after serving only 3 years, and I’m left to do all the time. I haven’t had a visit, or made phone call, or received a letter in almost 20 years. My father and wife were the only people in my life, and he died about the same time that I received divorce papers from my wife. Believe it or not, this is the most writing that I’ve done since 1997.  I’m currently in segregation and wish to establish contact with the outside world. Getting a letter from a real person, other than another inmate would be nice.  I am a convict however I’m not a con man. I haven’t spoken to the outside world in so long. Hope to hear from you.

Jamie Vest DOC profile:

Michael Pugh 615180, GBCI PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI  54307
Michael Pugh 615180, GBCI; 21 , to be released this October

                                Michael is all alone,asks for stuff, friendship:

above transcribed:
Peg? These CO’s is doing us inmates wrong. I got placed in the hole because cellmate got caught with porn. One of the COs asked me to pat search me and I let him while I was talking to CO Wickman. Another person came from behind and grabbed me by the shoulder roughly. I turned around and got in a fighting stance because I thought that it was an inmate that grabbed me like that. All the correctional officers rushed me to the all and hand cuffed me and I didn’t do nothing wrong. And in the rule book correctional officers don’t supposed to put they hands on an inmate unless they say it’s okay. The white shirt here gave me a 60 DS (disciplinary segregation)  time in the hole with no half time and I did do nothing wrong.

Not only that but in seg us over here don’t even get rec or go to the law library. They always make excuses that they busy but don’t none of these correctional officers even try to make sure we get what we got coming. And what’s so crazy we get oatmeal bread and peanut butters damner all the time for breakfast. They can’t even feed us inmates enough to keep us full until lunch time. Ever since this warden came here everything been going downhill. They’ve given us a 60 for 3 Ds and 3 Ds ain’t nothing but cell confinement or loss of rec. They don’t even give us face towels when its shower time in segregation. They don’t even have cameras in the hallways or they don’t even do 30 minute rounds and come and check up on us inmates and make sure we’re alive.

One time I didn’t have my inhaler so I had to kick me door and I was kicking for four hours before they came and seen what I wanted. I try to ICE ( file with Inmate complaint examiner) these things but I know my mail is being messed with because I wait months and months before I have to just write another one. But I got so tired of they B.S. I just stop writing them altogether. I really do appreciate the stamps because I’m all by myself in here and don’t have nobody doing nothing for me. It be very hard at times for me to get hygiene because I don’t have no money. Other inmates be having to give me things. All my family is gone so when these correctional officers do things to me I just try to keep my cool.

But trying to do that all the time is not easy that’s why I be segregation so much because I don’t let nobody disrespect at all. Sometimes I feel like giving up on life because I don’t have nobody who love me and it’s very hard in here but Allah knows I’m trying so hard. I don’t have a tv or radio so that’s why I just stay in segregation.

I just wish I had a family who loved me and would do things for me when I need it most. Bless you, you are a special person and I wish I had a mother like you who can love me.
Michael Pugh 615180 GBCI PO Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307

Darniel Craig
Darniel Craig 374535 WCI   bd 1978, out 2126
This note from a friend of Darnial (at left)

"Now I have another inmate that I’m friends with that just recently got beat bad by the Cos . The inmate is Darnial Craig 374535. He was on hunger strike for 6 weeks, He lost 30 pounds in that period of time and before he wasn’t on hunger strike , he weighed 152 pounds. So that means he was very weak and fragile when the co brutality occurred. He didn’t have enough strength to even resist with the cos where they beat him in handcuffs after they took him out of his cell .He went to the hospital. and is traumatized and was on observation for about 3 months. Now they give him extra portions and a bag meal every night. He gets two of everything on all three trays so he can gain his weight back. (He filed and inmate complaint and his appeal and intends to file suit. ) It will be nice if you can write him and give him some assistance.

These cos in WCI stay beating us while we are in handcuffs and it needs to stop. This type of stuff your guys don’t hear out there and most of us inmates don’t have a clue on what to so as far as litigating the type of stuff, Ms Swan. I be asking myself why this stuff is happening but when we beat on one of them we automatically getting charged and buried in segregation. So something needs to be done about these situations and we need justice, Ms Swan."

Robert Berndt 519367 GBCI
transcribed below

 My name is Robert Berndt 519367. When I was a small child,  about 2 years old , my parents where physically and sexually abusive for about three years. At 5 years old my father died from epilepsy while having a seizure he drowned in a pool.
My mentality throughout life went from bad to insane and back again as I committed crimes, became addicted to drugs, fought battles with chronic nightmares, Struggled with social shyness and my “sexuality”. I developed epilepsy at 17 and various other mental illnesses I.E.D. PTSD, OCD, Bipolar and some minor issues.
When I was 17, I was drunk and high on heroin and made the biggest mistake of my life. I betrayed the trust of a boy who I truly loved as a family friend, I made this horrible decision, I cannot blame it on my state of mind, only my bad decision to listen to the devil in the back of my subconscious. I sexually assaulted the boy.
I hope this does not discourage you from helping me. My family is there to help me if the y can, but I have 4 people in my family with cancer and serious life threatening issues. So it’s hard for them and me especially .I had confided in my mother (aunt) what I had done and she turned me in. I told on myself and got “screwed” in the end, because I took a deal , laid the entire story out there and in the end fot almost double the time I took a deal for. 7 in and 5 out is what I signed the deal for, I got 10 in and 10 out. What I did was wrong and I know it. My mother fells extremely guilty for turning me in. She’s been in a very depressed mood and I want to ease her pain but I don’t know how. I tell her she did nothing wrong but she seems she just can’t get over it.
So , after Moke told me about your movement, I’ve decide to try to devote some of my time to prisoner rights I would love to receive your newsletters and possibly write some essays for your web. Possibly some influential letters an try to help you help us. Thanks so much for what you do.
Sincerely, Robert Berndt; 519367 GBCI, Po Box 19033, Green Bay, WI 54307

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Robert Ward

New Post for Robert Ward 2 23 17:

 Robert Ward 515599 CCI, 25 y.o.

To All That Will Listen,

This is for people to understand fully what life is like on the inside of the Wisconsin prison system. I would like to let you know that the system in Wisconsin is made to mentally break you down. They really don’t beat you down to get your compliance, but they sure do mentally beat you. But yes, there are a few cases that staff do beat inmates, and I have seen 2 or 3 of them first hand. I just want change. I am going home soon but I met some great people that just made some bad decisions that do not deserve this brutal treatment and to be very honest, some of the smartest and strongest have broke at the hands of these people.

            And all these people do is sit back and laugh. They say they are underpaid and that we are dangerous, but really all staff do is instigate everything they can. Giving people 150 days in the hole for not celling up with a homosexual. Really is that necessary? We all know that answer. There has been a lot of studies on the way long term segregation is very harmful to a person’s mental health. Even the U.N. has announced that more than 15 days in segregation is torture. So that goes to show you what the DOC is doing is very wrong. I want people to know what their tax money is going to. The DOC is creating more monsters. They are breeding mentally unstable people and letting them into the outside world.

            Department of Corrections. What “Corrections” is happening really? Basically none. Rec for segregation inmates is very irregular. Most of the time 2 hours a week. “if lucky.” We don’t get very much law library. Clean our cells 1 time a week. There are a lot of people on the floor. They do not have enough bunks. A lot of the cells are single cells, but they have people on the floor of the single cell.

            Staff talk down on us all the time. And if someone reacts, that person gets treated worse. People’s mental health is a joke to them. There are staff that do not agree with the mistreatment, but they can not speak out because that will be their job. Staff do not go against staff. New staff are training new staff. Very dangerous. It’s like you lose your right to be a man, when you come to prison. But what happens to a caged dog that always gets messed with and antagonized? Most of the time they become very mean, and when they are released, they snap and most of the time you have to lay them down. Then they blame it on  the dog. How sick and wrong is that? Every man has a breaking point. And this is mine. It’s time to let this torture be let out. Loud and Proud. “We are Men, and We Deserve to be treated as one. “ I came to prison because I did something wrong. I want to become better, but the system is designed to have you have a rough time and eventually come back. Every person that comes through these doors means money to them. But if you knew that your money was going to building killers and “crazy people” would you let that keep happening? I hope not. All it takes is one bad judgment call to end up exactly where I am right now. We are human and not perfect. I have seen people “lose it.” Eat their own bowl movements, cut them selves, wipe blood and other bodily fluids all over themselves. I have seen staff walk away from people who ask for help and they laugh while the inmate hurts himself. One person that I really respected told a CO that his chest hurt, the CO said drink some water and lay down. The man died that night. The man was no older than 50 years old. That was the last straw for me. Things need to change. People need to be aware of the disregard to human life the Wisconsin DOC has.

            I am a 25 year old white male. I surround myself with all different races. And black men, for the most part, are treated far worse. And anyone who associate themselves with the Black men are treated as such.  It’s like they’re scared of them, and they try to keep them down, so they feel more safe.

            I do not wish this treatment on ANYONE! This could be you or someone that is close to you. Please stand up and help fight for change. All Lives Matter!

Robert Jay Ward #515599;Columbia Correctional Institution; PO Box 900;Portage, WI, 53901

Sunday, February 12, 2017

new requests for penpal and listening ear

These are just straight scans of introductory information we received- we will work with this more soon and, where needed, will write the prisoners for more info.
1)Cody A Long #558710, WCI PO Box351, Waupun, WI 53963
BD 1992 age 24 WCI
Cody A Long
here is his introductory letter- click to read and/or download

3 A C prisoners Below
     The three prisoners below are on Administrative Confinement (AC)in Boscobel, WI: WSPF, the former Supermax.
      After hearing that the WI DOC was sending many inmates to WSPF,,AC, we did an open records request to get names and numbers of people on AC and then sent a form to some of these prisoners asking 1) whether they want a pen-pal; 2) Do they want to be part of our ongoing campaign against long term solitary confinement ; 3) would they like our newsletter and 4) whether we have their permission to post their writings and story and if we can use their name.
The first answers are just coming in. All say yes to all questions.
2)Andre L Tinnon #306887
WSPF PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805
BD 1980, 

Andre L Tinnon

Friendship wanted.
Andre has supplied his AC hearing document and his appeal. The prison is tell him he is on AC because of his "history of Violence" i.e., his conviction and his "non compliance with the rules" He is  appealing his conviction, claims innocence, has not had a conduct report resulting in seg time. We will be writing him for more information regarding his present conditions but he would like a penpal.

3)Marcus Evans #543698
WSPF, PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805
BD 1993; 23
Would be a learning experience to write as penpal

Mark Evans' Story:


This young man's story of why he is on AC is something I hear a lot from "kids" in WI's DOC and it is sad. They will not tolerate being humiliated, disrespected and are easily set up to snap out by staff. Often the learning is hard but the older prisoners around them help them learn that when they act out they are doing exactly what the staff want. "You only have control over what YOU do.  No one can demean except you." A hard one: i.e. "pick your battles"  I will be writing him and asking him to write regularly for our blogs- We need to learn from him, I think.

4.) James Terry #373986
WSPF PO Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805
DB 1964 ;age 52
Wants a friend

James Terry is well known to FFUP-- For many years he has been trying to find reliable representation to prove his innocence. Someday we may have a group like Wisconsin Innocence Project to do preliminary investigation on the many many cases such as this.
But for right now FFUP's interest is why he is on AC and we hope he can find a friendly pen-pal

If there is any who would like to look into these AC cases with reform in mind, contact FFUP at

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Adrian Leonte White- 24, on hunger strike; needs to be heard

Adrian Leonte White 00537065 WCI; bd 1992;age, 24; out date 10/ 21/ 17

My name is Adrian Leonte White and this is my first time writing you and won’t be my last!  I’m writing you in regards to ”hunger strikers” and the “cruel and unusual punishment “ that goes on around her that never gets heard because people either are “too insane to understand” because of Medical abuse by psychiatrist or people being put on AC till they go literally insane. I ‘m going to start with me and my situations. I’m on hunger strike, it’s been almost one week. I’ve only been pulled out one time by Amy Gunderson, she do not work over in WCI full time no more. I’m on my strike because of the AC people and how they sexually abuse us and the list goes on. But I really need you to pass my name on to people who reach  out for the hunger strikers and all the newsletters Because the AC and other crap needs to stop.

I’m a 23 year old Black man, for the first time in my life, I’ve never seen no shit like this in my life of living! These COs are really in Waupun raping, lying to other inmates about what another inmate said about their crew just to get a fight started, stealing medications and taking them home. Putting their fingers in people’s assholes, not one time but 5 other times since I been here at WCI- letting the homosexuals have  sex with Cos and inmates.  The staff are now going around asking all the inmates if they are gay or bisexual. And now the business office is taking 50 % of people’s money. So now if you had a court order that 50% be taking away for you, now 50% more is taken away and that’s 100%. Its crazy because some inmates are going to court because some of us are court ordered only 25% under Act 355 I think. We have not been noted by authentic people, only Department of Corrections! Other Cos are going around saying:”We are going to break you mother fuckers down.”Waupun is a mess and the lady C0 who got stabbed was calling the inmate “fag “and other unprofessional things. I am a short timer, I go home in 10 months and I’m going to fight with you and other people to stop this insanity! I’m thinking about starting a TV and other property program because people can’t afford anything and the CO take action against that. They don’t want us to have shit! They Say we are “pigs and pigs get shit and eat it.”They make over 100 thousand dollars of food and feed us small amount. All of our food goes in the trash!
At end, asks to be connected to advocacy groups and lists of resources for free clothing etc

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hunger strikers need a hello

Lots of folks needing letter and card coming- here are names of present hunger strikers.
for more information about hunger strike, go to

Please consider writing letters to these prisoners who have been engaged in direct action and food refusals against the WI DOC solitary confinement and control unit practices.

Dying to Live Hunger Strike
1)On hunger strike 6/7/16 to 1/17 . Force fed regularly:
LaRon McKinley 42642
Cesar DeLeon 322800 
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351

Was on strike starting in June, came off due to force feeding: 
Joshua Scolman 422508
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351

Uhuru Mutawakkil
(state name N. Green) 228971 
Columbia CI P. O. Box 900 Portage WI 53901-0909

2)Unclear whether on strike or not at this time but all are in solitary and need encouragement:
Shirrell Watkins 359661 
Columbia CI P. O. Box 900 Portage WI 53901-0909 
Lamar Larry 293906
Green Bay CI P. O. Box 19033 Green Bay WI 54307-9033
Both were on the strike in Waupun, but lost contact when they transferred out.
Joshua Berrios 577319 
Jordan Cosby 501015 
Waupun CI P.O Box 351 Waupun WI 53963-0351

Cosby sent a letter saying that he, Joshua and possibly half a dozen others were joining the hunger strike, but we haven't gotten confirmation.

July 13 mental health unit hunger strike at GBCI (see this post:

Currently on hunger strike
Devon Armour 5998093
Howard Brown IV 568093

Came off in first days after retaliation
Leonte Porter 597623
Kyle Young 563594 
Green Bay CI P. O. Box 19033 Green Bay WI 54307-9033

Dozens more in Columbia?
Robert Ward 515599
Columbia CI P. O. Box 900 Portage WI 53901-0909 

Ward sent a letter describing conditions in Columbia Correctional and stating that dozens of prisoners are on hunger strike there. A nurse said there were so many being force fed that they were unable to treat other patients. We don't have any other names at this time, or knowledge of their demands, if they're different from the Dying to Live demands.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tyrisse Jacobs: "Homeless"

Tyrisse Jacobs 590570;
 WCI PO Box 351;

Waupun, WI 53963


My story? Well, I was born around gun, drugs, money and the streets, my mom was very awesome to me and my older sister, but we kept bouncing from house to house until 2006 when my mom got married to a man who she dearly loves. We moved to Kenosha from Watertown, WI and well….Drugs, fighting, rob’en, girls etc you get it. At 18 I moved out and no money, HSD. I was stealing from my mom just to get high and well. Later on at 18 I got a apartment, went by to school until my mom moved to TX. That when gang banging , guns, drugs, money, got worse. I came to prison for  2 Degree Sexual assault of a 14 year old ( not rape) girl. I was 18. She lied to me and her mom. I got 5 in and 10 out. This case is not me a[sex offender] no. I am going home to no one, my mom cut me off, I have no kids, no friends, nothing, no one. Prison has been very evil to me, Personal: mom, sexuality mentally: prison, gangs, sexuality, mom and emotionally: mom. You are the only one who writes me. Thank you, your letters give me hope. I know someone is thinking of me.

It’s dark, cold, I’m hungry, scared, lonely, afraid. I have nowhere to go, no money, no car, no clothes, no job, no education, but wait homeless- I got kicked out at age of… well, 16 cause I didn’t want to go to school or get a job or get off my nasty ass to even take a shower , so my mom kick me out and said ”If you can’t do what you’re supposed to do then GET THE HELL OUT but wait homeless, I stay in a garbage can, with a tv, a cooler, a book bag, clothes, a mate that I sleep on, a gin under my pillow just in case somebody tries to rob me, BANG BANG he’s dead…but wait homeless, one day I woke up to a man looken at me .I  reach under my pillow, but Bang I’m dead, but that was just a vision, the man was handing me$200, but then he said “one day it mite not be me, it might be someone with a gun to my head, but Bang I’m dead, nut wait homeless, so every night before I go to bed I pray to God :”Please take my life away, because no man should have to suffer and so just to this day anyone listening, please feel my pain, I was homeless and at one point and time and tho I say please help the world out cause no man should have to suffer like I did, and I say homeless.





Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Mark Allen Walters

Mark Allen Walters 138767;
WCI, PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963
 52 Y.O.; BD 1964,
Although his mandatory release date is 2020, He is an Old Law Prisoner and is eligible for parole now
" looking for a penpal, a friend,  I I am 52 years old, I like a variety of stuff-I'm Good people-Good personality. I Love the outdoors and writing songs. I  hope to hear from you soon"

Christmas letter:

Friday, September 9, 2016

Charles Downing

Charles Downing 0099670, 

NLCI, PO Box 400; New Lisbon, WI 53950

August 11, 2016

White, divorced father of one, 55, 6’2” and 280 pounds. I have receeding brown and gray hair and blue eyes. I’ve been confined since 1991 due to three separate cases and will be eligible for parole when I’m 219 years of age( which will change if I can get the case I am innocent of overturned) My sense of humor is my coping tool that  graces me with a personality that draws other prisoners toward me.

For several years I have written short stories, many poems and a couple of tunes. My last poem was in 2007.

It has been a long , dark and lonely walk these past 25-plus years and I’m hoping people would like to be penpals, assist me in my legal struggle to prove my innocence, do searches for me on the internet, public files and open records requests

Please no stickers on the envelope or writing paper and no perfumed letters> The mailroom rejects

 these letters.

Yours, Charles Downing


More on Charles Downing:

In prison since 1991, "Chuck" tells his story here. He claims he is innocent and that even the blood types used at trial did not match the ones found at the crime scene; that he was found guilty mostly because of a baseball cap. He's looking for support to initiate a bid to prove his innocence along with needing a friend. Here are links to his story.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Glenn Kirvan

Glenn Kirvan 325119
WRC PO Box 220 Winnebago, Wi 54985
My name is Glen Kirvan .I'm 42 years old- will be 43 October 30th of this year. All I'm looking for is a true soul mate that is willing to stand by my side no matter what the world brings. I'm Irish, Native American and German. I love hobby- I love to draw, crochet, Beading.I love life  and like to enjoy what life has to offer and explore the world -someday, once free from prison. I don't judge anybody . What I look for in a woman is inside the shell- your heart is what I long for-it's not the looks, for I don't care.  I need a true friend, a true woman that can keep it 110% real with me and  love me for who I am as I do for her and I can say any girl out there that's looking for true love I promise that you will never regret being with me. I know how to love and treat a woman for that's how my mom raised me. So I hope there are some females out there that want hat I want and that's true love for ever. Your friend, Glenn

Monday, August 15, 2016

Zachary Krivitz

(Scroll down to read latest submissions 8 30 16 at end.)
Zachary Krivitz  485677 

RCI,PO Box 900

Sturtevant, WI 53177


  My names is Zachary. I am currently 27 years old, residing in a corrupt and unjust Wisconsin prison System. Allow me to explain:

    I, as many others, have experienced the wrath of solitary confinement . We all are already being punished for our crimes, then become trapped inside prison’s general population, only to be REALLY ”hit over the head” with 23 hour in an 8 by 10 cell. One, two, even three days max is understandable. The whole Wisconsin prison system believes correcting out behavior ( at times justifiable) is to give us 6 months-one year solitary confinement. They understand what that does to the mind of someone. It enables our anger and bitterness which causes us to rebel against them. Why do right by an organization that will break us down to pieces? They put us in the room, forget about us, treat us like we’re animals, NOT HUMANS. Then we stand up for what’s ours(property, phone calls, hygiene etc) and we get more time in the hole because they claim we don’t deserve it, because we’re being punish, not awarded.

Simply put, Wisconsin Correctional officers, sergeants, captains, the whole administration, have NO REGARDS for prisoners’ rights.

They Continue to walk over prisoners because no one speaks up.

Briefly about me:

     I come from a household of many privileges if I was behaved. Whether I was money, gifts, late nights, whatever the case, My youth was normal up until I experienced the Wisconsin DOC and began to rebel.  Then my family was gone. I continue to blame the DOC. After that, I felt that no one was there to help me, as the WI DOC continues to beat me down. I try to be cool, calm, and continue as possible, then selfish people take it for granted and it makes me angry. I was once socially inclined, then so much time in seg created a monster ( to say the least).

      i’m not gonna say I’m an angel at the same time I will say that people, like myself, do not deserve to sit long periods of time in confinement. A quick example: Recently the administration claimed I was as serious disruption to the institution for a minor infraction (possession of  contraband).Then why was I left in general population for three weeks(4-8-16 to 4 28 16)until I was given 90 days in solitary confinement. I smashed my head on the window, split it open, all because they have no answers for their mischief. That is what happens. We begin act out in ways we never thought possible. It is very sad that we are powerless in any circumstance. I’ve thought maybe suicide as a way out of pain and suffering but I’d rather stand here and fight against the idiotic, corrupt people than let them defeat me.

When no one has family support from the outside, I do begin to feel abandoned. i do try my hardest to keep my posture in hopes for better days. The harder I try the more resistance I feel from others. It makes me feel my soul has been kidnapped and taken to the dark side. More inmates will become victimized unless we and come together and fight for what’s ours.

8/30 16

Zachary Krivitz 485677; RCI, PO box 900,Racine, WI


Dear readers,

I am writing about a recent situation I’ve been in, nonetheless one that also relates  to my fellow inmates and brings light to the immature, ignorant, and unprofessional administration in DOC.

I am an inmate at Racine Correctional Institution awaiting transfer to any max except WSPF. I am an MH-1 with borderline personality disorder, cognitive disorder amongst several others. I was sent to the hole  off allegations, and became a target since I’ve been in segregation- Completely being harassed by certain staff members.

PRC staffed me max off 1 major ticket: Possession of contraband, destroying state property. With me continuing to see PSU staff for counseling I have built a solid trust with them all. Showing me nothing but compassion, and understanding, the administration here knows that, sees that, and never acknowledged it in my PRC paperwork. PSU continues to try to get the administration to understand that inmates do have loss of control in behavior due to mental health disorders. Had they had this understanding , I believe it would lift a burden on inmates’  mental health in solitary confinement. But as we all know, the administration doesn’t care.  We need to get the senate to approve a new bill.

Sincerely ,Zach