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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shannon Griffith

Shannon J Griffith; #165268; “Osmo”;
Marquette Branch Prison;
1960 US 41 South;
Marquette Michigan, 49855

“ admittedly socially inept, inmate seeks woman willing to assist in taming 41 year old bachelor able to laugh at self, and far too comfortable without obligations- easily friends at arms length-now seeks firm but gentle social interrelations, something that women tend to be expert at naturally- more experienced with work, plants, animals, books and cars than people, but open-minded. –“Osmo

Quote from letter “ I can’t believe how naïve I really was out there, and understand all too well how easy it is for the rest of society to put such issues as prisons on the pay –no- mind list until actually confronted with being victimized, then being overwhelmed with the convoluted obfuscating system intended to overwhelm them. Hindsight gives me reason for patience with others.

Shannon Griffith

Reality’s Dream’
man locked behind a door, in this plight,
seeks woman-kind for sure, to write,
hoping for each letter to delight,
from smell of your perfume,
some spell I more presume,
come, release my mind, this cell entombed,
chum, please, by kind kiss, fell the gloom,
plumb eased, I’d find, bliss well bloomed,
dumb keys, tried to bind, this spirits doom,
a few words, warm and bright, clearer lit,
you girds from harm, my nights mirror it,
thanks to you, lonely tears echewed.,
walls blank views, to golden stairs segued.
by OSMO, Mellowmanic

Nearly Comatose
Because my character, a politician did malign,
easily rationalized by prosecutors of that kind,
In their selfish social ladder climb,
I have to do this time, I’m resigned, admitted,
Tho state’s records prove no crime I committed,
the Courts were aloof, when my rights went poof,
based on a spoof, without any proof,
the jury said woof, my sentence hit the roof,
added an ‘R’, dropped a ‘P’, this men’s prison really isn’t me,
tho seeking for appeal to redeem,
so hoping to repeal the regime,
left with a shred of sanity,
bereft, I shed all vanity,
deft of will, mixed with laughter,
I nixed the tears, swore off fears hereafter,
Blithe still, refusing to blather desperations desolation,
Rather determination, after more than seven years isolation,
Yet it’s to me kinda ironic, they bet by now I’d be catatonic,
Not quite naïve now, I hunger to relieve somehow,
These cold, dark, and lonelies, if you’ll just do,
Please, hear, hark and hold with a few only’s as cue,
Keenly seeking friendship correspondence only, true,
Freely speaking my mind, so long as you’re comfortable only, too,
Deeply sublime, maybe someone will reply this time thru,
if meekly signed only., adieu.
by OSMO, Mellowmanic

Vindications’ PYRRIC Rhapsody
Imprisoned, forcefed my frustration, envision, refused recourse of expression, without cessation, division infused, perforce rape burns colder than imagination, misprission imbued, divorced Racespurns boldermans salvation, for missing opportunities heaven sent, world’s Damnation, forfeiting opportunities I represent, ensures conflagration, forgetting realities high percent, pure amalgamation, my only comfort, knowing I’ll have vengeance in the end, imprecation, in seeing the world high and dry, if only when I die, abdegnation, by leaving treasures lie, where I mine them, for all nations, believing their minds too blind for that kind, due Greedspall, assimilation, having stolen my youth freedom ad empathy, ablation, you steel from yourselves, my humanity, abilty and utility, mendication, your authoritarians lack of humility is an insanity, an exercise in futility, dedication,invalid, all creation, if chosen, even one suffers, unjustifiably worse, translation, heaven being never born to begin with, death is a gift, Life must be a curse, Explanation. Osmo,mellowmanic

Say It O.I.C.R.N. Organizations Implement Constructive Reforms Now
Everyone must do their part to dismember the government sponsored dysfunctional monetary machine of socio-economic terrorism, perpetuated by corrupt governments corporate conspiracy under color of law, due their abandoning oath’s duty to professional standards when administering CGARTER clearly established in Declaration of Independence to first and foremost protect individuals from abuse of authority as guaranteed by priority of Constitutional Amendments enacted on behalf of all peoples.Grifith V US (subname) Griffith V. DOC etal.
History and public records demonstrate above all else, that violence does NOT work since it only provides jusification for increased authoritarianism, further, that all governments are REGRESSING to emulate “Star Chamber” hearings outlawed In the 16th century, and most importantly, we have credible veracity, Bush etal, can’t hope to steal nor buy, and Relinquist, etall, just doesn’t have it, to sell.
WE NEED to establish automonous network inter/national co-councel coordinating external legal contacts representing majority, due most prisons, no direct correspondence between prisoners, fpr this MASSIVE multinational class action to be filed simultaneously across US<>

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  1. Your poem Nearly Comatose is an amazing, so eloquent work of poetry -- one of the most moving three poems I've ever read. I wish I was the kind of person you're looking for, but I'm too young, I'm just a girl. But you are in my heart and prayers.