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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr Dythanyl Mushatt

Mr Dythanyl Mushatt #186772
PO Box 5000;
Florence, AZ 85132-5000

As a 41 year old retired naval yeoman 3rd class and now incarcerated, please allow me to explain myself.

Originally from N.Y.C. and in the unfortunate circumstance of facing the next 20 years in the Arizona State Prison system. I think back on the obvious spontaneous bad decision which brought me to this place. I cannot dwell on what has been done. While rueful for myself and repentant over the crime, i must look forward and by doing so fill my time with positive and creative endeavors. That is why my immediate ambition is to somehow, with the kind assistance of either individuals or organizations take on and complete a sponsored 'para legal' course which will be officially recognized and fit me for the future.

To this end perhaps, in some way I will atone for my one-time fatal, anti-social error, by putting myself in the position of assistance to fellow inmates so hard pressed for outside legal representation.
I enjoy inter-action with interesting people and at the same time consummate reading of current affairs. I have traveled extensively and believe some of my life accounts are of particular intrigue to other people who really do enjoy the life experience.

At this time my desire is to invoke interest from the civilian world to a point of continued communication. Someone may be encouraged to strike a long term 'penpal' sort of friendship. I will not plague your life through negative influences, nor will i display selfish motives by gesturing an open palm through letters in the search for financial gain.

Simply, i wish to try hard, to spark my own interests, to regain my sanity and to be of some ultimate good use to society as i see it from within these walls.

Please give me a try as another human being who has erred and truly wants to count in this world.

Mr Dythanyl Mushatt # 186772;  AZ

Search Arizona's offender locator for location/address: https://corrections.az.gov/public-resources/inmate-datasearch

Note: this is another man we have known for a long time.- a gem .

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