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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Terrance Grissom

Name and Address:
Terrance Grissom 193184
RCI; PO Box 900
Sturtevant,WI 53177
BIRTHDATE: 1-22-1970
AGE: 40;

RACE: black GENDER: male
EYE COLOR: brown HAIR COLOR: black


Description: Hello, my name is Terrance but everyone calls me Grissom. I apologize for not being able to post a photo with my ad this time. Unfortunately I am in long term segregation and we’re not allowed photos. I’ve been confined 23 years on a 20 year sentence. I’m not eligible for parole. Prison’s a lonely place. I have a little family support. I am looking for a person I can share my thoughts, dreams, and experiences with – someone not about playing games, who knows how to keep it real , honestly. Trust and respect are must haves to anyone who responds to my ad. I am an incarcerated male and I have no time for any games. I hope to hear from you soon.

note: This man is in segregation and is in great need . A friendly note would help so much. I have posted his DOC picture.

Post for 11 4 10
NAACP, Milwaukee Branch
Martin Luther King Dr,
Milwaukee, Wi 53212

Friday, June 16, 2006
I am Terrance Grissom 193184, housed in segregation building at the Waupun Correctional Institution. I feel that my civil rights been violated by Warden Phil Kingston of Waupun. He is allowing his staff to violate my civil rights, imposing restrictions on me without due process, such as back of the cell kneel down on knees anytime anything gets placed in the cell/ a 2 man escort/ having me sleep on a hard rubber mat instead of a soft mattress. Hey had restrictions follow me from where I came from: Columbia Correctional Institution. I came to WCI on 5/17/2006. I refused to do a strip search. A captain white shirt named by Steve Schueler had a John Doe officer open strip cage door/that this Schueler hited me with a night stick on my forhead /I was not threating to him /I had been battered , got a big knot on my forehead/ they denied me medical treatment/they pulled me to cell/had it cell door closed/left me in it.

On 6/4/06 Sunday while I was out for a shower a officer McCormick framed me /set me up by going into my cell/placed a plastic spoon in my room/they placed me on 3-day bag meal/they are depriving me from food /recreation/to be left in a cell that is s hot/they claim they have no time for me to go to rec.

I complained to Officer Spurgeun about chest pain, heat pain, tooth pain/for a tube of toothpaste/he tells me he don’t give a fuck about me, my rights or the Wisconsin Administrative code/he tell me what the unit rule book says for HSU unit /only one tube f toothpaste in the 1st and 15th of the month. ON 5/30/06 I complained about back hurting when I was being escorted upstairs to another room/cell/He says they will call a nurse on duty. But no one came to see whats my medical issue. So I prayed for your help/ I have a breathing problem /there is no continuously circulating air /not running/I have a hard time breathing/no window to be opened. I have a mental problem/they refused to send me to a mental health care treatment facility acc. to Wisconsin statutes of sec.302-055 WRC.

So Please sir, I need your urgent help/speedy justice/please send a person out to talk to me promptly or get me out of Waupun prison. Please/thank you for your time/cooperations to this urgent request.

Thank you sir.
I duly sworn on oath herein is true/correct dated 5/31/06
(signed by Terrance Grissom)
Please call me at Waupun Correctional Institution 1-920-324-5571

Notarized: sworn to me on this 31st day of May, 2006
Wayne Bauer
Notary expires November 1 2009

That I am a Black American/I’m a-male-at the age of 36/my date of birth is 1-22/1970/Born in Rockford Illinois/I have no kids/now serving 20 years from Dane County Court/3 or 2 year in Racine County Court all to run consecutive to each other/this Waupun prison depriving me from possessing own legal papers/law books . See enclosed memo on bag meal restriction. Please help me. Thank you.
CCI memo dated may/24/2006
June 6 /5/2006 Monday
About bag meal

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