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Friday, February 17, 2012

Aaron Isby-Israel

Aaron Isby-Israel #892219;WVCF/SCU;6908 Old US Highway 41;PO Box 1111;Carlisle, In 47838
AGE: 39
RACE: Black
GENDER: male
HEIGHT: 5’11
EYE COLOR: brown
CONVICTED OF: attempted Murder

Description: Greetings! My name is Aaron, currently incarcerated in the Indiana prison system. I am a prison activist and writer of conscious poetry, Biblical, and historical commentaries and essays. High school graduate, with hopes of some day obtaining a business degree. I want to be frank with those of you who are reading my ad. My primary reason for this ad, is to garner support from men and women of all walks of life, to aid me in my legal fight for justice and liberation from wrongful conviction and invalid commitment, that led to my imprisonment for attempted murder. Now that I have made my point clear, if there is romance with a woman, I sure would welcome it. To the woman who seeks to correspond and build romantic bridge with me, please be open minded and non-judgmental .

Aaron Isby-Israel

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