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As prisoners are often moved, you should look up their address with the Department of Corrections' Offender Locator, before mailing them
Please email or call with any questions and we do offer forwarding service, (where you use Forum for Understanding Prisons' address as your return address) if you do no want to give out your address.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ali Mursal

Ali Mursal 541673
WRC,PO Box 220
Winnebago, WI 54985

Ali Mursal was very withdrawn when he first wrote. He could only write  a few words and they were always the same- he needed love. H would not leave his cell even when he was in general population. He has grown a lot and now talks free ly about his feelings. His brother shed some light on Ali problems. The family is from Somalia and when Ali was 7, he saw his father murdered . He was treated very badly also. The family are refugees form that period and Ali never got the treatment he needed to overcome what he saw and experienced. Below is what he wrote a few years ago.

        "My name is Ali and I'm from Africa, born and raised. I came to the states to see how it is. Now that I am in prison they are trying to send me back to Africa. I nor my family wants that. If you are looking for a good, strong, honest friend and if you want to know more about me, Please write."
Ali Mursal

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