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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Glenn Kirvan

Glenn Kirvan 325119
WRC PO Box 220 Winnebago, Wi 54985
My name is Glen Kirvan .I'm 42 years old- will be 43 October 30th of this year. All I'm looking for is a true soul mate that is willing to stand by my side no matter what the world brings. I'm Irish, Native American and German. I love hobby- I love to draw, crochet, Beading.I love life  and like to enjoy what life has to offer and explore the world -someday, once free from prison. I don't judge anybody . What I look for in a woman is inside the shell- your heart is what I long for-it's not the looks, for I don't care.  I need a true friend, a true woman that can keep it 110% real with me and  love me for who I am as I do for her and I can say any girl out there that's looking for true love I promise that you will never regret being with me. I know how to love and treat a woman for that's how my mom raised me. So I hope there are some females out there that want hat I want and that's true love for ever. Your friend, Glenn

Monday, August 15, 2016

Zachary Krivitz

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Zachary Krivitz  485677 

RCI,PO Box 900

Sturtevant, WI 53177

  My names is Zachary. I am currently 27 years old, residing in a corrupt and unjust Wisconsin prison System. Allow me to explain:

    I, as many others, have experienced the wrath of solitary confinement . We all are already being punished for our crimes, then become trapped inside prison’s general population, only to be REALLY ”hit over the head” with 23 hour in an 8 by 10 cell. One, two, even three days max is understandable. The whole Wisconsin prison system believes correcting out behavior ( at times justifiable) is to give us 6 months-one year solitary confinement. They understand what that does to the mind of someone. It enables our anger and bitterness which causes us to rebel against them. Why do right by an organization that will break us down to pieces? They put us in the room, forget about us, treat us like we’re animals, NOT HUMANS. Then we stand up for what’s ours(property, phone calls, hygiene etc) and we get more time in the hole because they claim we don’t deserve it, because we’re being punish, not awarded.

Simply put, Wisconsin Correctional officers, sergeants, captains, the whole administration, have NO REGARDS for prisoners’ rights.

They Continue to walk over prisoners because no one speaks up.

Briefly about me:

     I come from a household of many privileges if I was behaved. Whether I was money, gifts, late nights, whatever the case, My youth was normal up until I experienced the Wisconsin DOC and began to rebel.  Then my family was gone. I continue to blame the DOC. After that, I felt that no one was there to help me, as the WI DOC continues to beat me down. I try to be cool, calm, and continue as possible, then selfish people take it for granted and it makes me angry. I was once socially inclined, then so much time in seg created a monster ( to say the least).

      i’m not gonna say I’m an angel at the same time I will say that people, like myself, do not deserve to sit long periods of time in confinement. A quick example: Recently the administration claimed I was as serious disruption to the institution for a minor infraction (possession of  contraband).Then why was I left in general population for three weeks(4-8-16 to 4 28 16)until I was given 90 days in solitary confinement. I smashed my head on the window, split it open, all because they have no answers for their mischief. That is what happens. We begin act out in ways we never thought possible. It is very sad that we are powerless in any circumstance. I’ve thought maybe suicide as a way out of pain and suffering but I’d rather stand here and fight against the idiotic, corrupt people than let them defeat me.

When no one has family support from the outside, I do begin to feel abandoned. i do try my hardest to keep my posture in hopes for better days. The harder I try the more resistance I feel from others. It makes me feel my soul has been kidnapped and taken to the dark side. More inmates will become victimized unless we and come together and fight for what’s ours.

8/30 16

Zachary Krivitz 485677; RCI, PO box 900,Racine, WI


Dear readers,

I am writing about a recent situation I’ve been in, nonetheless one that also relates  to my fellow inmates and brings light to the immature, ignorant, and unprofessional administration in DOC.

I am an inmate at Racine Correctional Institution awaiting transfer to any max except WSPF. I am an MH-1 with borderline personality disorder, cognitive disorder amongst several others. I was sent to the hole  off allegations, and became a target since I’ve been in segregation- Completely being harassed by certain staff members.

PRC staffed me max off 1 major ticket: Possession of contraband, destroying state property. With me continuing to see PSU staff for counseling I have built a solid trust with them all. Showing me nothing but compassion, and understanding, the administration here knows that, sees that, and never acknowledged it in my PRC paperwork. PSU continues to try to get the administration to understand that inmates do have loss of control in behavior due to mental health disorders. Had they had this understanding , I believe it would lift a burden on inmates’  mental health in solitary confinement. But as we all know, the administration doesn’t care.  We need to get the senate to approve a new bill.

Sincerely ,Zach

Joe' Vone Jordan

Joe’ Vone Jordan 480030; WCI PO  box 351; Waupun, WI 53963
Post 1 18 18:"The Story of Mendascious"

Greetings, I’m looking for a good, strong, intelligent and understanding frame of mind woman. Please don’t allow my present situation to discourage you to venture into my life. Sometimes we find the most beautiful things in unexpected places and the wonders of joy may extend beyond these walls, if…

I’m journeying though a nostalgia state in my life where all adults tend to venture off to at one point in their life. I’m longing to meet that special lady who will open her arms and nurse me close to her beating heart.

I’m above all childish games and behaviors that most men engage in while trying to meet women of today, and I hope you are a woman of the same caliber. If you are not afraid to adventure or explore, you’ll soon find that this unpromising world is filled with a new exciting man.

Please allow me this moment of time to introduce myself: I’m a good strong, intelligent, understanding 29 year old African American male. I spend most my time journeying through the depths of my mind reading exercising and writing children’s books for my two children. I also enjoy to laugh, joke and write urban novels while enjoying a variety of music.

Today you are scanning this penpal blog, probably for the exact same reason I’ve posted this blog ad..We are both journeying through life in search of something new and real to fill the void within the depths of our souls. I just pray  the I’m not so busy searching for flowers that bloom over the next horizon that I miss the one blooming right under my window sill.  IF that flower is you, let your pen be inspired by the depths of your soul and mend a broken heart.

Cordial, JoeVOne Jordan , A.K.A.  Ki  Jana Jambazi # 480030

Love  by  Joe'Vone Jordan. A.K.A. Jana Jambazi
         Sorry to bust your bubble. But America has this misperceived notion “love is kind”, “love is Blind”, “love is pain” and etc. I'm sorry, but those are only clich├ęs.
          Love Dwells within and makes one's soul shine through with a florescent beauty that not even the oceans can wash away. Love is compassion, not only showing a deep pity and sympathy for your family, but for the world of people that may be unkind..remember they need your love the most.
          Love is caring, it is more than liking, or a feeling of concern. It is embracing a friend, family or partner even when the relationship is at an all time law. That person may need to know you love them no matter the circumstances.
           Love is more than intercourse; it is cordial, warm, hearty and sincere, even in the presence of the most powerful hate. Remember evil can never prevail over good. So when hate declares war, love is the only sword you need to defeat it.
          There are numerous perceptions of love. Wikipedia, dictionary and the –philosophy of love all differ from one another. So I'm here to tell you, love comes from within and is expressed from the brain that signs a signal to the heart that releases a chemical compound..love is only how you express your feelings toward one another. After all, there's no such thing as a life that's better than yours..You must love yours...

 Thugs in America 
Salami ( Greetings) to all my fellow Brothers and sisters of the struggle in the word yet to be heard, here to bring you the meaning and definition of the word “thug”.
      Modern day youngsters misinterpreted and modified the true meaning of Thug to fit the “standards of the 21st century.”Some would define a thug as any generic brown skinned male with baggy- jeans hung low, exposed boxers, a wife beater t-shirt, and brand named ghetto gear. Others might point out that a thug is nothing more than a common criminal and only a criminal can be a thug but everybody knows all those baggy jeans people standing on the corner or sitting on the stoop are robbing, stealing and selling drugs. So of course they’re thugs. Certain lumpen proletarian gatekeepers like to proclaim that while there are many criminals, only the hardest and realest of those doing hard time can truly be thugs. The word thug derived from an ontology and philosophy of the “supreme Black goddess (Bhowani)” and its relationship to the power struggle in India in the mid-1800s that brought the word thug into the English language.
         “Bhowani” ran thugs, defended heinous robbers/murderers with an iron fist. These thugs were members of a secret criminal organization said to have existed for at least five hundred years in what is now called India before being eradicated by representatives of the British Empire (the British East India Company) In the mid 1800’s. These thugs were said to be an organized system of religions and sects which urged them to the murder of their fellow creatures under the assurance of high rewards in this world and the next.
          These thugs was defend to be vicious and malice; so much so they petrified and extorted kings and government, police and military. Etc. I find this to be completely fabricated, because in the traditional times they roamed the grounds of India, it would’ve been impossible for them to have run a period of five hundred years with no legitimate resources and form of government, they would’ve been hanged way before 1830.
   October 3, 1830” Captain William Sleeman discovered the thugs and was the mastermind who brung their whole organization down. After bringing their attention to the British authorities, he formed and became the head of the department of thugee and docolty. Sleeman spent a large portion of his career eradicating the thugs.
   Not to glorify, but give credit when due, “Bhowani” and her thugs were very smart and intelligent individuals. She ran her empire secretly in religious temples. Worship was said to be in the village Bindachul”(Vindhyachal-Vindhya mountain) on the Ganges, whose temple complex is one of the most ancient and most important centers of goddess worship in India. Murderers from every quarter of India between the river Narabada , Ganges and Indus----to pull down her temple at Bindachaul and hang her  priests would no doubt be the wish of every honest Christian. Soon “Bhowani” Thug empire would come falling down. The cult of “Thugee” and its practices were revealed through the confessions of informers (known as approvers). Stupidity and smarts don’t mix. Allowing people from every quarter of India into her temple and indulge in their business was a complete ignorant act. No thug was ever caught in the act. Members of hereditary criminal families spread throughout India were all convicted through testimony of “approvers”-AKA- men of criminal families and circumstantial evidence. There was no defense attorneys or jury , only a judge and the prosecutor Sleeman. The lack of hard evidence was buttressed only by Colonel Sleeman’s intuition and the perception of the inherent criminality of the accused. Describing their execution of the thugs, Sleeman  states: “they lifted up their hands and shouted ‘Bindachel Ka Jae!Bhowani Ke Gae!’” Their invocation of Bhowani was enough to defend their guilt.
       My Brothers and sisters of the struggle, I’m here today to say, referring to one’s self as a thug is only referring to one’s self as dead! The word thug is not to be modified and  undermined other than what it is: heinous robber and murderer.
      My Brothers and Sister, let me inform you: we are not thugs, we are Fathers, Brothers, Uncles nephews, cousins, mothers, sisters aunts daughters, and nieces. We are the essence, epitome of life that shall not be defend as a thug! But those who possess and utilize knowledge, wisdom and understanding, Don’t misinterpret my word; “I have thugged with many” But now I have become one with the Supreme , and I understand “knowledge” is the new thug in America..”If you know better, you do better” and by changing the mind, you understand knowledge is and that power is the only way to succeed. “Change the mind and everything else shall follow”
By Kijana The Jambazi AKA Joe’Vone M Jordan 480030;WCI

 Note to reader: I did research to verify the above and found a wealth of info on this incredible era. Here is a bit: “The word “thug” traces its roots  to the Hindi and Urdu word “thag”, which means thief or swindler and which itself is derived from the sanscrit verb “sthagati” (to conceal). The word would enter the English language in the 1800’s during the British imperial rule in India… The “Thuggee Cult” ..was believed to be a profession organization of criminals and assassins (“thugees”) who reportedly had strangled thousands of people on India’s roadsides.”  Lakshmi Gandhi 11 18, 2013

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daniel McBride describes his mental illness and AC confinement/needs friends

Affidavit of Daniel R. McBride;142889,WCI; Born 1967(49), on AC since 2013

I, Daniel R. McBride, under 28 U.S.C. Section 1746 and penalty of perjury bring this affidavit

 in good faith and do sweat the following is true and current to the best of my knowledge.

1.       I am presently confined in the Seg Unit of the Wisconsin Correctional Institution at Waupun, WI  53963.

2.       On September 10, 2013, I was placed on Administrative Confinement (AC) by the WCI Administrative Confinement members.  Ms. Bonis, Social Worker Supervisor, Officer Gundy, COII, and Capt. Westra.  Their decision reason was stated as:  Inmate’s gang-related activities, Inmate’s past conduct.  Perhaps the most disturbing incident or concern was taking a social worker hostage at WRC and Group Resistance and Petitioning, attempt hostage, conspiracy, manufacture or use of a weapon, aggravated assault, and endangering safety.

3.       Since being placed on AC I have been placed in Observation Status on 2/1/14 for 6 days, 4/14/14 for 20 days, 7/9/14 for 9 days, 9/11/15 for 4 days, 9/29/15 for 3 days and 11/29/15 for 1 day.

4.       Each time I was placed in observation was because of the fact of my being confined in a cell without any help from a clinician (psychologist) for 24 hours a day, and people hollering and screaming on the tier.

5.       Being on AC denies me access to some of my religious books and groups due to the fact that the chaplain cannot send any pagan books to seg, but yet other religions can.

6.       Ms. Baird, the former PSU Supervisor, who did an evaluation of me and said that I’m a “Mtt2b” mental health class, meaning a ‘serious mental illness.”  She told me to get involved in PSU (Psychological Services Unit-conducted) groups, but there are not any more PSU groups available, period.  These groups were stopped around February 11, 2015, but I did manage to complete the CGIP program with the Social workers before the Seg Team stopped that program from being available.

7.       Being confined to a cell 24 hours a day has caused me stress because of the noise on the tier and nothing to do; no fresh air; no access to clinical services, nor access to my religious books.

8.       Ms. Bonnie Halder, the WCI crisis worker, has told me as well as my attorney that people with mental problems cannot get the treatment they need due to the lack of time with an inmate and lack of programs, and PSU are not around 24 hours a day.

9.      Being an AC has caused me many mental problems.  Has caused me to overdose, writing poems about death, draw about death.  Being on medication makes me pace back and forth, cut myself because I cannot talk to clinicians, and the noise, lack of fresh air being in a cell, and lack of recreation, lack of treatment groups, in a cell with a brighter light on 24 hours a day; lack of religious books, not able to make group.

10.  My mental health has gotten worse due to the fact that I’m in AC and being placed in observation as a consequence.

11.  Many prisoners have been placed in observation due to the fact that inmates on AC cannot get the help that they need.  In observation you get a green smock, a black hard rubber mat, and a green security blanket with the light on 24 hours a day with an officer checking on you every 15 minutes.

12.  In a regular cell there’s no fresh air, no good air flow and the rooms are cold and loud.

13.  I have talked to many clinicians since I’ve been on AC because of my mental health getting worse due to being in a room 24 hours a day; thoughts of self-harm, cutting myself, and overdosing a few times.  My diagnosis has gotten worse, as well, as PSU has listed me for:

(A)   Personality Disorder Mitch Type

(B)   Poly = Substance Abuse

(C)   Antisocial Personality Disorder

(D)   Emotional Psypregulation (I don’t think that’s right, but that’s what it says)

(E)    Emotional Disorder

(F)    Past Traumatic Stress Disorder

(G)   Poly-Substance Dependence in Controlled Environment

(H)   Borderline Personality Disorder

(I)      Borderline Intellectual Functioning

(J)     Mtt2b (mental health classification)

14.  My diagnosis and mental health class have gotten worse and going to observation because of noise, being locked in a cell 24 hours a day, because of noise on the tier, looking at the hallways, thoughts of self-harm, and no access to the help that I need.  PSU staff n longer stops by my cell to speak with me.

I am competent to testify to all of the above. Executed at Waupun, Wisconsin On January 20, 2016                                    

Tim Crowley

Update 4 17 
update 2 - 12: Tim has been working very hard to get out of segregation, he had a good friend in a more mature deaf prisoner celled next to him who helped him work on controlling his anger. He is trying to get braille lessons and work on his GED as sight is getting worse. The prison seems more receptive to helping. A friendly note would help him alot.

Tim Crowley #43754
CCI: PO Box 900; Portage, WI 53901
Born 1976, now 40

Timothy has been deaf since early childhood . He is now going blind. He was recently doing well at Mendota Mental Health Institute and is suddenly back at CCI- where there is no treatment for him. he was learning braille at Mendota and he was there by court order . We are trying to find out what happened. This letter of 2011 explains what he is up against
letter from 2011. still relevant.
Tim: Young And Old
Hello There, I am a young man 34 years old, will be 35 years February 12, 2011, God Willing.
I’ll be brief, I’m hearing impaired and has been all my life and I am diagnosed as usher syndrome which in all actually been part of all my life as well, but never knew until 2007. It consists of hearing impaired and Blindness. So I were informed by doctors that I will need to learn braille and ASL (Sign language)will be appropriate if I choose to live in a deaf community. ON top of all this I am also considered mentally ill. Through institutions the majority of my life. Out patient at the Milwaukee mental health complex at the age of 15 years. I’ve been in the “system” since the age of 11 but in family court since age of 10. Also my speech impediment is a burden. I tried to explain to a CP that I talk loud due to a hearing impediment. My illness gotten worse as in the month of November I cut my neck, wrists and the nurse clean me up, place me back on observation status. I reopened my wound the 2nd part of that day by biting my vein in my wrist area and lost about a pint of blood. But in October I tried swallow my inhaler, tried to cut my wrist with a staple. But in September I swallow my hearing aides and reopened the wound in my neck. This happened all here at CCI. But treatment facility by name of Wisconsin Resource Center, I cut my neck while on control status, before swallow brow of my eye glasses. All these attempts were uncharacteristic of me. But I done in the past swallow an overdose of pills and tied a noose around my neck and went off my meds when I suspicion of others plotting against me. I hurt self. I been incarcerated since the age of 19. I am going on my 16th year. Also, I’m still technically court order under 971.16 case 971.17 by judge named John R Strick of Dodge Corr due I battered COS at Waupun the day before my B-say in 1999. I were housed in Mendota for approximately 2 years from 2001 to 2003. I were shipped out do to unstable behavior that were the result of my little brother being murdered and he was murder by someone we grew up with so you can imagine how it effect me . Well , I’ve much more show or tell of me personally, dilemma and complexes
Tim Crowley

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

jeff Poff

Jeff Poff 2016, 44 years old
Jeff Poff #390966
WCI; PO BOX 351;
WAUPUN , WI 53963

written 6 years ago: update coming

Jeff First wrote me to tell me he had been beaten and maced by guards after being told he would be going back to segregation. Jeff had hesitated, was not resisting, but also not moving. He is one of the men FFUP works with to keep sane and healthy. He is now is writing a book and pursuing a lawsuit concerning his injuries . Often , the law is the only thing the prisoners have to turn to to keep hope up, for there are no resources in segregation and law materials are mandated by the courts.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Joshua Scolman, having a really hard time in solitary

Joshua Scolman 422508; Po Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

Joshua Scolman will be placed on AC after his year of solitary time is up- he is already in trouble psychically- was part of food strike and ended up in the hospital after several tube feeding tries. Read of his ordeal here

Description of Abuse

My name is Joshua Scolman. I’m 32 years old and have been incarcerated for 10 years.  I have been placed in solitary confinement on numerous occasions for from 3 months to a year, and am now serving a year of solitary time, at which point I will be placed on administrative confinement for defending myself against the abuse and conduct of staff. Each time I come to seg, I lose myself a little more. I have my religious freedoms completely denied,   I’m subject to psychological torture, which leads to continual deterioration of my mental faculties. I am denied human contact, which leads me to further anti-social behavior, which in turn causes me more problems. It is a slippery slope. I am currently held in a cell with a window facing a brick wall, no view of nature, the sky, sun or outside life. My religion of Odinism is a nature religion, and it’s through the outdoors I see my Gods so I am deprived of this as well. I have contracted many psychological “ticks” such as OCD, communication problems, and PTSD.  I’m continually stressed out over insignificant things. And it’s only getting worse. The mass hysteria these seg units infects men with is real, and very serious. The public needs to be aware of the damage being done to so many prisoners across the state, and nationwide, and to act to correct the problem of long term segregation sentences.

We are establishing contact with Joshua and have invited him to write regularly for this blog. 

If you would like to write him, here is his info: 

Joshua Scolman 422508; Po Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963

Joshua quit the hunger strike after the DOC attempted to force feed him and he nearly died. Story here:

No other state goes to force feeding except as last resort and it is condemned by AMA and many human rights organizations

Joshua’s story about forcefeeding handwritten original: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2016/07/joshua-scolman-7-9-16all.pdf    

LaRon McKinley

LaRon McKinley, 27 1/2 years in AC and counting

The  bit of DOC rules below is what keeps
 LaRon McKinley in AC-27 ½ years so far..

a)      “the inmate presents a substantial risk.. as evidenced by a behavior or a history of homicidal or

b)      other violent  behavior HISTORY of violence -the DOC uses his crime decades ago to hold him

He was very angry and violent. He escaped and shot a guard. Years ago,
when I asked  him about
 “his Crime” he wrote:

“Its not that I don’t trust to write you a bio about me.  Its just that I don’t like ( not ashamed, just not  comfortable with)
my past. I am tired of being judged by it. Every day or every hearing I have ,every opportunity, every reminder
that someone in a Doc  suit acts toward  me that I am too dangerous  to  sit out in a lawn chair with them or

 Their  family, or with  anyone, and drink  a soda or watch a sports event.  They are  rubbing my past in my

 face. And so I am  tired of it, tired of being reminded of it or thinking of it as I already have a trillion times
  as it is what has reaped me this dismal existence.  

My artwork shows the beauty at which my  mind’s eye gages   and judges and I want  others to see what I

see and feel  in their   subjects and judge me on that measure.(some of his art work is at left)"

The prison calls LaRon a psychopath. For me, he is a dear friend and someone whose
 judgement I trust. He often sets me straight when I ask him about conditions or
 occurrences that come to me in varied versions. He did throw feces at a guard at the end
 of a time of deep paranoia. WCI is out of control in my view and horribly corrupt in my
experience. It takes someone incredibly balanced to not act out in the mayhem. 
Since that outburst, LaRon has got into the law


Shirell Watkins in solitary since 2010

Shirell Watkins Profile .

Shirell Watkins 359661 WCI;PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963
I am a prisoner at the Waupun Correctional Institution (WCI) in Waupun , Wisconsin where I have been held since July7, 2010.

On September 16th, 2010, I was brought to WCI's restrictive Housing Unit ( called “RHU, then known as the health/segregation Complex “HSU”) and placed on temporary lockup (“TLU”) status.  I have been held in solitary confinement without end since. I am currently on Administrative Confinement (“AC) which is so -called non- punitive status.

 Since being placed in solitary confinement , I have completed the following programs: 1) phase one and 2) two of cognitive Group intervention program, 3) The coping skills group program and 4) the New Freedom program(which I have completed twice in RHU).

Since being placed in solitary confinement, I have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder; assigned mental health code one, prescribed Mirtazapine by psychological services; placed on clinical monitoring by psychological services, and I have been met with what I understand to be the following symptoms: severe mental anguishment, depression, sleeplessness, high stress, constant self communication, headaches, weight fluctuation, eye-aches, hyper- reaction to situations/incidents, isolation (lonelyness) short attention span, poor concentration and at times poor memory.

  As of today (May 2016),I have served 17 years and 10 months in the WI DOC. I was sentenced to 25 years in October 1998 for a February 1998 first degree reckless homicide charge at the age of 18 in Milwaukee, WI.  Upon being classified by the program review committee(PRC) duting intake at Dodge Corr. Institution, I was labeled with a Presumptive Mandatory release (PMR)status due to the violent crime and assigned the AODA program as an A/E need.

My PMR date is September 20, 2016. My last parole hearing was held on March 19th, 2015, and the commission deterred me to PMR. My next hearing will be in July 2016 for consideration for presumptive Mandatory Release. The commission made it clear at my March 2015 parole

 hearing that completion of ADOA Residential Program at institution level is required prior to release date. At my December 18, 2015, hearing with the Administrative Confinement Review Committee (ACRC) I was given a 6 month continuance of AC. My next AC hearing will be held in June 2016 for consideration of AC  release by the ACRC.

  On February 10 2016, I wrote to Parole Commissioner Dean Stensberg calling for release on parole- No action taken. On March 2 2016. I wrote to WCI Warden Bryan Foster calling for a release from AC status to transitional status in order to push for lower custody through PRC and enrollment into the ADOA residential program once transferred to achieve release from prison on parole. The Warden has not responded. Along with causing and exasperating psychological and emotional issues within me, continued AC status keeps me in prison as it prevents parole.

Shirell Watkins SR 359661

Rayshun Woods

Rayshun Woods 390831; WCI age 30 , Born 1986; in solitary since 2012 

I,Rayshun Woods of sound mind, hereby state the following this May 12th ,2016:

At all times relevant I was and still am a prisoner at WCI, (PO Box 351,  Waupun WI 53963-0351) in the Health Complex Unit(Segregation), now known as the Restrictive Housing Unit (RHU) as of June, 1st, 2015.
On July 21, 2012 , I was found guilty of Battery and Disobeying Orders, and given 8 days adjustment, 360 days of Program. ( program and Disciplinary Separation are the same, except on program, for every 2 says served in RHU/seg, 1 day is added to ones release date out of prison, extending your mandatory release date by a couple days, up to a couple months. 

 On August 9, 2013, I was placed on Administrative  Confinement (AC).  A.C.is a form of solitary  confinement, except there is no set release date for a prisoner to be released from RHU/seg. There is onlya review every 6-months to be determined by the administration (security staff /officials). This decision, whether a prisoner should stay or be released from A.C.,can and does result in a prisoner being on AC for multiple years ( some have been on AC for 18 , 20 plus years). 

During these 4 consecutive years in solitary confinement this coming July 2016, I have been alone in a cell for 23 or more hours per day with very limited physical contact with humans, very limited social  contact, and very little contact with the environment, and many other restrictions. 

I am subjected to excessively loud disturbing noises, such as:yelling, screaming, banging on walls. Doors, metal sinks and toilets, 24- hours daily. 

I am forced to be around prisoners who throw urine and fecal matter, and spit on individuals any chance they got . 

I am forced to be around mentally ill prisoners (not prisoners with mental health issues, but actual prisoners who need to be in a mental health facility, such as: Mendota or Wisconsin Resource Center (WRC) not forcibly residing in the DOC facilities) who does not receive proper mental health treatment they need.

Since being in this RHU/Seg building 2012, I have been subjected to contaminated drinking water and plastic peeling food trays and psychological classical and conversion thinking behavior tactics which aim to torture me. Unnecessary and exaggerated restrictive housing guised as non-punitive. 

I have been dealing with severe mental and physical anguish, such as: headaches, depression, high stress, Isolation ( loneliness),sleeplessness and self communication. 

Since my placement in solitary confinement, I have been experiencing: irritability and fear of impending death-hopelessness, major depression, emotional flatness, loss ability to have any feeling at times, mood swings -hostility, unprovoked anger, verbal outbursts-short attention span, poor memory, confused thought process, disorientation-hypersensitivity to noises-self cutting and suicide attempts. 

Since my placement in solitary confinement, I have been diagnosed with Major Depression, Anti- Social Personality Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Since my placement in solitary confinement, I have been meeting with a psychologist frequently. I have been approved by Waupun Prison Mental Health Staff and Doctor several times to take medications for my mental health issues, ( but I refused for personal reasons). I finally agreed to the medication (Feb, 2016) because the mental torture is overbearing. 

By the administration, I have been told to maintain positive behavior, complete programs , and remain conduct reports free, in order for AC to be lifted. As a result, I have maintained positive behavior since my entry into RHU/Seg 2012, I have been conduct report free since 2012, and completed all programs that were available to me, even the ones they never asked me to do. But still I remain in solitary confinement on AC to this day.  

Note: The DOC and Waupun (WCI) official have lied to the public and concealed the truth about their solitary confinement policies concerning AC prisoners, and the push and strain it has had and is having on our physical and psychological bodies.

The truth is they are psychologically torturing us, and negligently, and in some cases, are deliberately indifferent to the harm and risk it unfolds on us psychologically.

A.C. Prisoner in RHU/Seg,Waupun (WCI), Dodge County, WI
Dated this 12th Day of May, 2016


Rayshun Woods 390831

WCI;PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963


Thursday, August 4, 2016

James Mercer

James Mercer #110598
Stanley Correctional Institution
100 Corrections Drive
Stanley, WI 54768

James wrote this in 2009. he is now 57.

Single/ disease-free; 5'9" tall, 51 year old; heterosexual, Portuguese Latino man, who is also a honest, LOYAL-TO-A-FAULT, nonviolent, nonjudgmental, multitalented, multifaceted, down-to-earth, easy-going, laid-back, patient, intelligent, open-minded, uninhibited (within reason), fun-loving, pragmatic, compassionate, passionate, and loving, marriage-minded individual that has a sense of humor which doesn't ever quit. I seek to write that special woman in friendship (maybe more later on) who can look past where I am now and who is like-minded as myself and who will allow herself to take the time to get to know me first as a person (and thereby give me a chance to get to know you), before you decide whether or not you're going to continue writing me. I promise you that you'll not regret your decision to write to me.
I have been illegally held in prison for the last twenty-nine years straight and I am still fighting the State of Wisconsin for my freedom, as I probably will to my dying day. Because I have been in prison for so long, my family, as well as my one-time friends from long ago, have given me up for dead; so anyone I make friends with these days becomes like family to me. I'm now very choosy with whom I allow myself to trust and become friends with. If I had been this selective 29 years ago as I am today with whom I associated with, I probably wouldn't be in prison now.
I am not the same man today as I was 29 years ago, since my experiences in prison has tempered my personality like you would steel. To me, these days, loyal-to-a-fault and honesty are two of the three most important charac
James Mercer, 57
ter traits a person's can possess. People who stick by their friends through thick or thin are the kind of people whom I respect and admire the most. Such a person, male or female, who decided to write to me in friendship, I would never take their friendship for granted.
Life is too short to either beat-around-the-bush or to play head-games with the minds of those people around them, so I always will say what's on my mind to those who decide to write to me in a point-blank manner and I will never play head-games with anyone....period! In addition to this, when someone tells me something about themselves in confidence (and I always will assume that what they've told me is confidential in nature unless told otherwise), I will keep what they've said to me to myself. I expect the same kind of treatment in return.
If you ever have any questions about me, just please feel free to ask me. I will always answer any questions in an open and honest manner. Though I have limited funds, I will do my best to answer every letter I receive as quickly as I can with the amount of funds I have available to me. So take a chance Ladies and write to me. I am not out to hurt anyone and I in¬tend only to get to know some normal people who aren't in some way emotionally damaged or mentally deficient. I don't care what you look like as long as you are single, disease-free, know what the meaning of loyalty and honesty is, and are be¬tween the age of 25 and 55 years old (if you have kids, that's okay with me because I love kids too). My friends call me JJ. I hope to hear from you soon.