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Monday, August 15, 2016

Joe' Vone Jordan

Joe’ Vone Jordan 480030; WCI PO  box 351; Waupun, WI 53963
Post 1 18 18:"The Story of Mendascious"

Greetings, I’m looking for a good, strong, intelligent and understanding frame of mind woman. Please don’t allow my present situation to discourage you to venture into my life. Sometimes we find the most beautiful things in unexpected places and the wonders of joy may extend beyond these walls, if…

I’m journeying though a nostalgia state in my life where all adults tend to venture off to at one point in their life. I’m longing to meet that special lady who will open her arms and nurse me close to her beating heart.

I’m above all childish games and behaviors that most men engage in while trying to meet women of today, and I hope you are a woman of the same caliber. If you are not afraid to adventure or explore, you’ll soon find that this unpromising world is filled with a new exciting man.

Please allow me this moment of time to introduce myself: I’m a good strong, intelligent, understanding 29 year old African American male. I spend most my time journeying through the depths of my mind reading exercising and writing children’s books for my two children. I also enjoy to laugh, joke and write urban novels while enjoying a variety of music.

Today you are scanning this penpal blog, probably for the exact same reason I’ve posted this blog ad..We are both journeying through life in search of something new and real to fill the void within the depths of our souls. I just pray  the I’m not so busy searching for flowers that bloom over the next horizon that I miss the one blooming right under my window sill.  IF that flower is you, let your pen be inspired by the depths of your soul and mend a broken heart.

Cordial, JoeVOne Jordan , A.K.A.  Ki  Jana Jambazi # 480030

Love  by  Joe'Vone Jordan. A.K.A. Jana Jambazi
         Sorry to bust your bubble. But America has this misperceived notion “love is kind”, “love is Blind”, “love is pain” and etc. I'm sorry, but those are only clichés.
          Love Dwells within and makes one's soul shine through with a florescent beauty that not even the oceans can wash away. Love is compassion, not only showing a deep pity and sympathy for your family, but for the world of people that may be unkind..remember they need your love the most.
          Love is caring, it is more than liking, or a feeling of concern. It is embracing a friend, family or partner even when the relationship is at an all time law. That person may need to know you love them no matter the circumstances.
           Love is more than intercourse; it is cordial, warm, hearty and sincere, even in the presence of the most powerful hate. Remember evil can never prevail over good. So when hate declares war, love is the only sword you need to defeat it.
          There are numerous perceptions of love. Wikipedia, dictionary and the –philosophy of love all differ from one another. So I'm here to tell you, love comes from within and is expressed from the brain that signs a signal to the heart that releases a chemical compound..love is only how you express your feelings toward one another. After all, there's no such thing as a life that's better than yours..You must love yours...

 Thugs in America 
Salami ( Greetings) to all my fellow Brothers and sisters of the struggle in the word yet to be heard, here to bring you the meaning and definition of the word “thug”.
      Modern day youngsters misinterpreted and modified the true meaning of Thug to fit the “standards of the 21st century.”Some would define a thug as any generic brown skinned male with baggy- jeans hung low, exposed boxers, a wife beater t-shirt, and brand named ghetto gear. Others might point out that a thug is nothing more than a common criminal and only a criminal can be a thug but everybody knows all those baggy jeans people standing on the corner or sitting on the stoop are robbing, stealing and selling drugs. So of course they’re thugs. Certain lumpen proletarian gatekeepers like to proclaim that while there are many criminals, only the hardest and realest of those doing hard time can truly be thugs. The word thug derived from an ontology and philosophy of the “supreme Black goddess (Bhowani)” and its relationship to the power struggle in India in the mid-1800s that brought the word thug into the English language.
         “Bhowani” ran thugs, defended heinous robbers/murderers with an iron fist. These thugs were members of a secret criminal organization said to have existed for at least five hundred years in what is now called India before being eradicated by representatives of the British Empire (the British East India Company) In the mid 1800’s. These thugs were said to be an organized system of religions and sects which urged them to the murder of their fellow creatures under the assurance of high rewards in this world and the next.
          These thugs was defend to be vicious and malice; so much so they petrified and extorted kings and government, police and military. Etc. I find this to be completely fabricated, because in the traditional times they roamed the grounds of India, it would’ve been impossible for them to have run a period of five hundred years with no legitimate resources and form of government, they would’ve been hanged way before 1830.
   October 3, 1830” Captain William Sleeman discovered the thugs and was the mastermind who brung their whole organization down. After bringing their attention to the British authorities, he formed and became the head of the department of thugee and docolty. Sleeman spent a large portion of his career eradicating the thugs.
   Not to glorify, but give credit when due, “Bhowani” and her thugs were very smart and intelligent individuals. She ran her empire secretly in religious temples. Worship was said to be in the village Bindachul”(Vindhyachal-Vindhya mountain) on the Ganges, whose temple complex is one of the most ancient and most important centers of goddess worship in India. Murderers from every quarter of India between the river Narabada , Ganges and Indus----to pull down her temple at Bindachaul and hang her  priests would no doubt be the wish of every honest Christian. Soon “Bhowani” Thug empire would come falling down. The cult of “Thugee” and its practices were revealed through the confessions of informers (known as approvers). Stupidity and smarts don’t mix. Allowing people from every quarter of India into her temple and indulge in their business was a complete ignorant act. No thug was ever caught in the act. Members of hereditary criminal families spread throughout India were all convicted through testimony of “approvers”-AKA- men of criminal families and circumstantial evidence. There was no defense attorneys or jury , only a judge and the prosecutor Sleeman. The lack of hard evidence was buttressed only by Colonel Sleeman’s intuition and the perception of the inherent criminality of the accused. Describing their execution of the thugs, Sleeman  states: “they lifted up their hands and shouted ‘Bindachel Ka Jae!Bhowani Ke Gae!’” Their invocation of Bhowani was enough to defend their guilt.
       My Brothers and sisters of the struggle, I’m here today to say, referring to one’s self as a thug is only referring to one’s self as dead! The word thug is not to be modified and  undermined other than what it is: heinous robber and murderer.
      My Brothers and Sister, let me inform you: we are not thugs, we are Fathers, Brothers, Uncles nephews, cousins, mothers, sisters aunts daughters, and nieces. We are the essence, epitome of life that shall not be defend as a thug! But those who possess and utilize knowledge, wisdom and understanding, Don’t misinterpret my word; “I have thugged with many” But now I have become one with the Supreme , and I understand “knowledge” is the new thug in America..”If you know better, you do better” and by changing the mind, you understand knowledge is and that power is the only way to succeed. “Change the mind and everything else shall follow”
By Kijana The Jambazi AKA Joe’Vone M Jordan 480030;WCI

 Note to reader: I did research to verify the above and found a wealth of info on this incredible era. Here is a bit: “The word “thug” traces its roots  to the Hindi and Urdu word “thag”, which means thief or swindler and which itself is derived from the sanscrit verb “sthagati” (to conceal). The word would enter the English language in the 1800’s during the British imperial rule in India… The “Thuggee Cult” ..was believed to be a profession organization of criminals and assassins (“thugees”) who reportedly had strangled thousands of people on India’s roadsides.”  Lakshmi Gandhi 11 18, 2013

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