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Monday, August 8, 2016

LaRon McKinley

LaRon McKinley, 27 1/2 years in AC and counting

The  bit of DOC rules below is what keeps
 LaRon McKinley in AC-27 ½ years so far..

a)      “the inmate presents a substantial risk.. as evidenced by a behavior or a history of homicidal or

b)      other violent  behavior HISTORY of violence -the DOC uses his crime decades ago to hold him

He was very angry and violent. He escaped and shot a guard. Years ago,
when I asked  him about
 “his Crime” he wrote:

“Its not that I don’t trust to write you a bio about me.  Its just that I don’t like ( not ashamed, just not  comfortable with)
my past. I am tired of being judged by it. Every day or every hearing I have ,every opportunity, every reminder
that someone in a Doc  suit acts toward  me that I am too dangerous  to  sit out in a lawn chair with them or

 Their  family, or with  anyone, and drink  a soda or watch a sports event.  They are  rubbing my past in my

 face. And so I am  tired of it, tired of being reminded of it or thinking of it as I already have a trillion times
  as it is what has reaped me this dismal existence.  

My artwork shows the beauty at which my  mind’s eye gages   and judges and I want  others to see what I

see and feel  in their   subjects and judge me on that measure.(some of his art work is at left)"

The prison calls LaRon a psychopath. For me, he is a dear friend and someone whose
 judgement I trust. He often sets me straight when I ask him about conditions or
 occurrences that come to me in varied versions. He did throw feces at a guard at the end
 of a time of deep paranoia. WCI is out of control in my view and horribly corrupt in my
experience. It takes someone incredibly balanced to not act out in the mayhem. 
Since that outburst, LaRon has got into the law


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