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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tyrisse Jacobs: "Homeless"

Tyrisse Jacobs 590570;
 WCI PO Box 351;

Waupun, WI 53963

My story? Well, I was born around gun, drugs, money and the streets, my mom was very awesome to me and my older sister, but we kept bouncing from house to house until 2006 when my mom got married to a man who she dearly loves. We moved to Kenosha from Watertown, WI and well….Drugs, fighting, rob’en, girls etc you get it. At 18 I moved out and no money, HSD. I was stealing from my mom just to get high and well. Later on at 18 I got a apartment, went by to school until my mom moved to TX. That when gang banging , guns, drugs, money, got worse. I came to prison for  2 Degree Sexual assault of a 14 year old ( not rape) girl. I was 18. She lied to me and her mom. I got 5 in and 10 out. This case is not me a[sex offender] no. I am going home to no one, my mom cut me off, I have no kids, no friends, nothing, no one. Prison has been very evil to me, Personal: mom, sexuality mentally: prison, gangs, sexuality, mom and emotionally: mom. You are the only one who writes me. Thank you, your letters give me hope. I know someone is thinking of me.

It’s dark, cold, I’m hungry, scared, lonely, afraid. I have nowhere to go, no money, no car, no clothes, no job, no education, but wait homeless- I got kicked out at age of… well, 16 cause I didn’t want to go to school or get a job or get off my nasty ass to even take a shower , so my mom kick me out and said ”If you can’t do what you’re supposed to do then GET THE HELL OUT but wait homeless, I stay in a garbage can, with a tv, a cooler, a book bag, clothes, a mate that I sleep on, a gin under my pillow just in case somebody tries to rob me, BANG BANG he’s dead…but wait homeless, one day I woke up to a man looken at me .I  reach under my pillow, but Bang I’m dead, but that was just a vision, the man was handing me$200, but then he said “one day it mite not be me, it might be someone with a gun to my head, but Bang I’m dead, nut wait homeless, so every night before I go to bed I pray to God :”Please take my life away, because no man should have to suffer and so just to this day anyone listening, please feel my pain, I was homeless and at one point and time and tho I say please help the world out cause no man should have to suffer like I did, and I say homeless.

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