Writing an Inmate

As prisoners are often moved, you should look up their address with the Department of Corrections' Offender Locator, before mailing them
Please email or call with any questions and we do offer forwarding service, (where you use Forum for Understanding Prisons' address as your return address) if you do no want to give out your address.

contact: Peg Swan 608-536-3993 or pgswan3@aol.com

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jermel Jones

Jermel Jones 640826
WCI, PO Box 351
Waupun, WI 53963

My name is Jermel Jones. I was born March 2, 1994 and my release date from prison is 3/18/19.  I came to prison on 2/15/17/I never knew my real family . My mother passed away when I was 9 and I never seen my dad . I grew up in C.P.S. and been in group homes all my life. I wish I knew mentors out there who will help inmates. Everyday I wake up I wish I had my mom and dad - I'm sure I would not be in prison. I also have {PTSD disorder, learning disorder. When I was born I was brain dead so I 'm still learning certain things. I have a hard time reading. I have a friend help me read so when you write me back I will be able to understand what you are saying.

Jermel Jones is 23 years old, Born 1994. He has been in foster homes all his life and asks FFUP to help him with a lawsuit and stamps. I can send him a litigation guide and a regular stipend of 5 stamps a month but he really needs a connection with a caring person.- a penpal. I am connecting with EXPO, a group of ex prisoners, and trying to set up a program where newly released inmates get  help upon being dumped by the DOC;yes, the “kids “ like Jermels are returned to society with no resources , no treatment and usually little training. But that is not the problem now- what he needs is a caring soul  to correspond to. Please send him a card if you are that soul. The card can begin the correspondence.

If  you are interested in writing this man and want to use FFUP's return address, email pgswan3@aol.com. We will also answer any questions you have.   .

Friday, December 8, 2017

Ali Mursal

Ali Mursal 541673
CCI PO Box 900
Portage, WI 53901
BD 1983, 34 YO

Ali Mursal was very withdrawn when he first wrote. He could only write  a few words and they were always the same- he needed love. He would not leave his cell even when he was in general population. He has grown a lot and now talks freely about his feelings. His brother shed some light on Ali problems. The family is from Kenya and when Ali was 7, he saw his father murdered . Ali was treated very badly also. The family are refugees from that period .

Ali needs a friend badly and has  no idea of the give and take friendship requires. We are looking for a mature woman who can regularly write this man and demand of  him more than just testimony of how lonely he is. Like many people who are  confused and desperate, he shows little curiosity about the world around him and is focused ironically on one thing- getting love. The closed and open fist is a good analogy for ALI- his fist is tightly closed- not interested except in one thing- so there is little exchange between him and the world. He is ready to learn however.

I will partner with who ever chooses to help this man- he is less trapped than he was and is going to school for his GED. I have positive feelings about his capacity to learn what true friendship is and I hope someone will come forward to help.

If you decide to write this man, feel free to use FFUP return address, Email pgswan3@aol.com to do so.  Also, We can address any questions you have.
yours, Peg Swan

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Michael Shackelford

Michael Shackelford 410597 530

Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution
PO Box 282
Plymouth, WI  53073

BD 1979, 37 now

hi my name is michael shackelford #410597 im 37 years of age 12-17-1979   i've been locked up for almost 17 years now on a 30 year prison term... im currently locked up in kettle moraine correctional institution ... since the loss of my mother 12-16-2016 :(    i've been sad depressed lonely and lost ... not much support or love from anyone but I am trying to keep my head above water.  i would really love to find a big brother type friendship or motherly love / correspondence  out of this ... im a honest man just trying to develop a friendship that will hopefully keep me laughing and stress free ...keep me motivated on continuing to do good ... someone that I can write call or even willing to come visit me occasionally if the time permits itself ... please feel free to write me and ask questions if you would like to learn more about me ... my information is michael shackleford #410597     nick name  cheezy ....kettle moraine correctional institution  po box 282, w9071 forest drive .. plymouth , wisconsin 53073-0282     (  d.o.b.  12-17-1979   )...

Feel free to use FFUP's return address for your return address.. TO do this email pgswan@aol.com.

Julius Bonds

Julius Bonds 52035,

Stanley Correctional Institution

100 Corrections Drive

Stanley, WI 54768
Julius Bonds is 62 years old ( BD !955) in real need for friendship. He is warm and generous and terribly lonely . He is an old law prisoner and has taken all the program he can and worked hard to improve himself and prove to the world that he needs a second chance.  His mandatory release date is not until 2058 so he will not be getting out of prison any time soon. Help make his days in prison healing. Again, if you choose to write this man, feel free to use FFUP’s return address, just let me know your real name and address:pgswan3@aol.com.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Juan Xarine Berchar

Juan Xarine -Berchar 139017
PO Box900
Portage, WI 53901
Born 1958, newer picture coming

Juan Xarine-Berchar #139017
Columbia Correctional Institution; CCI; PO Box 900;Portage, WI 53901
BD 1958,(A newer Picture coming soon-)

Note: Juan is Cuban and came very to the US on the Mario boat lift, and like many who did the same, he is stranded here and in prison . He has no one. At first he was pretty non verbal and always seriously depressed . He is now much more outgoing and able to cope. His greatest need besides a friend, is a job within the prison both to earn some money for things like hygiene supplies and stamps, and to give him something meaningful to do. Unfortunately, jobs are in very short supply and are arbitrarily handed out. He is another old law prisoner long past his release date.

This below is from a letter written years ago . We will be updating.  The ages given here are way off but the story still goes

“Hello, My name is Juan Xarine Berchar. I am 50 years old. I’m half Spanish and half French, I have never been married. I had two daughters, but unfortunately my oldest daughter passed away 2005. She was 20 years old. My youngest daughter is 17 years old but she do not stay in touch. I do not have anyone to write me.
     I would like to know if you would be interested in opening a line of communication with me, I don’t have anyone to visit me and it gets very lonely sometimes. I do not have family in the USA. I want you to know that I’m writing you with the best of intentions, I hope you accept this invitation of friendship I extend to you.
     Anyway, let me tell you about me. I am very good at cooking Spanish food . I like chicken, pork chops. I loved rice and beans, I like to listen to jazz, I like dancing, favorite Colo Purple. I was living in Miami, Fl before I came to WI. I also like to travel, read and go to the movies. I don’t play games with anyone’s feelings because I don’t want anyone to play with mine, I am looking for someone who knows what they want cause I know what I want and what I need. I want to be loved. I need love in my life. I want someone with all my heart and soul. This may sound corny but it’s from the heart. I am, looking for a meaningful relationship- someone who wants a to be loved.
       Anyway, in case you want to know , I am not a rapist or killer. I am not here for any sexual case or any violent crime. I was found guilty of burglary and - I have until 2012 or sooner. I hope you don’t care about my past because that is just what it is- we can work through this. My life is not over and I have a future. Thank God I am in good health and am still standing. Well , I hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely, Juan Xarine Berchar,
in another letter Juan says: “It gets very lonely for me at times as I do not have any family in the US.  I have never been married. I have two beautiful daughters. My oldest just passed away 3 months ago- she was in a car wreck.
I am hoping and praying to find a friend who will open a line of communication with me, with the possibility of forming a relationship. I am not looking for beauty because beauty is only skin deep. I am looking for someone who is willing to love and be loved. Someone who is honest, loving, caring, and compassionate. Size and color does not matter; or age, because age is only a number. I want someone who has experience life, because I don’t want to play any games. All my life I have been looking for love in all the wrong places. I am a very loving and caring person with a lot to give.”

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Justin Burns

 read his first letter as sent: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/justin-burns-7-27.pdf
Below is first letter typed: 7 27 17 letter
born 1991- 26 years old

Justin Burns 560078 CCI
My name is Justin Burns and I’m in the cell with Justin Welch here in seg at CCI. I’d like to briefly explain my situation to you. I suffer from Mental illness specifically OCD, Anxiety and depression. I was referred to WRC as a High Priority for these symptoms I just told you about. My referral was accepted in 90 minutes; the quickest acceptance the psych doctor has ever seen! On the day I packed to leave to go to WRC I was found with some Marijuana on me; I had self medicated a few days before because I just couldn’t take the depressions and anxiety of everyday life with my WCLG. So I was given 360 days in seg due to my Conduct report. My visits were also taken from me due to my ticket but my visits had absolutely nothing to do with my conduct report.  There are numerous inmates here who lost their visits also due to having dirty UAs.
So back to my situation, I have wrote PSU two times since i’ve been here and have not been seen.  i’m just another casualty of the system who will not receive treatment before getting out. ON 6/30/17 I packed up to transfer to leave Monday 7 3 17.While I was in seg Captain Miller came to my door and said ”you know you were supposed to leave today.” I said, “yes, I know.
 He said I wasn’t leaving though.
My mental health has been eating me and there is s no one here to talk to or to help. I was PRC’d  to leave for treatment at WRC and it was Just stopped! No one is responding to my requests> NO one has answers. I ‘ve wrote to the Captain, to the security director, to the social worker, to the unit manager and also o PSU. I’m getting a copy of my referral tonight and when I get It I will send it to you. I would like to be names as a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit that’s going on. Justin Welch will help me exhaust  administrative remedies.(gives me permission to do as I like with his letter, and that he is on mail monitoring. )

This is a request to see the psychological staff.
read his hand written letter: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/justin-burns-7-27.pdf
We have invited Justin to write for this blog and will look for other ways to help him cope with his OCD. anxiety and depression but the only real way to help any of these prisoner is to change the system - which means legal action and litigation- attempts are under way.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ryan Pruitt, 22 needs nurturing contacts

Ryan J Pruitt 630644, WCI;  PO Box 351, Waupun, WI 53963
born 1994, 22 years old

main portion of his first letter: 7 30 17
My name is Ryan Pruitt. I prefer Liquid but choose whichever you feel best fits your tone of voice. O humbling beg for prayer and help nothing more. NO, I won’t need envelopes or paper God has blessed me with a great mind.
I am incarcerated at the moment for things of which I did and things of which I didn’t. I accepted my mistakes and learned from them the truth is all you will get from me. I am 22 years old and 23 come Nov 1st.  I find myself with 60 in 30 out for my very first felonies I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t even have a juvenile record. Please feel free to look me up and see for yourself the proof of all I speak about. UP until last month all I did was teach myself litigation tactics, case law and statues. I was ignorant to all those things at 19 and that’s how I ended up in Waupun. I fought long and hard to one day return to my family and son. Well as I last month I found out I lost my only child. His name was Zayden A Lawson died at 3 years old he was beaten to death by a family member on his mother’s side.
As any news similar should, it really broke me down. I see that I really can’t fight this battle on my own. My family struggle to send me what they  have. So it’s safe to say I don’t have any way to get lawyer money unless I sell drugs in here. If I get caught That’ll dig me a deeper hole I know. But Honestly, I feel like I can’t breathe right I have to get out. I’ve written  several lawyers but no hand has reached out except with upward palms.
I know about your penpal site and was only hoping to join your site. I hope to find a lawyer to help me with my appeal and re-trial because there will be one. I have DNA issues which once pointed out will grant me my remanding. I know through that with this emotional set back my mind will not be whole again no mater what. I would love to have new friends to write but I can only truly focus on my freedom. I need to more than I feel the earth needs water.
Read his first letter on pdf :https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/ryan-pruitt-letter-penpal-7-31-17.pdf

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017

Cody Long ,24,in solitary at WCI

Cody Long 558710; 
WCI  PO Box 351; Waupun, WI 53963
Born 1993, to be released 10/2018 

Cody is a 24  year old kid sitting in solitary confinement in Waupun Correctional. 
 In his first letter below he explains he belonged to a tough elite group and tell 
how he got where he is now. He is writing hoping to find someone that will help 
him keep sane. There is no treatment or training here, another example of our 
completely dysfunctional system which neither rehabilitates nor keeps us safe.  
We can help him over-come the obstacles by showing him what true friendship 
is for. I don't think many of these kids know, or have experienced love or caring that 
doesn't have a dozen strings attached.

Cody Long's march 2017 introduction: https://ffupstuff.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/cody-a-long-intro.pdf

Below is a letter written about a month later: