Writing an Inmate

As prisoners are often moved, you should look up their address with the Department of Corrections' Offender Locator, before mailing them
Please email or call with any questions and we do offer forwarding service, (where you use Forum for Understanding Prisons' address as your return address) if you do no want to give out your address.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Adrian Leonte White- 24, on hunger strike; needs to be heard

Adrian Leonte White 00537065 WCI; bd 1992;age, 24; out date 10/ 21/ 17

My name is Adrian Leonte White and this is my first time writing you and won’t be my last!  I’m writing you in regards to ”hunger strikers” and the “cruel and unusual punishment “ that goes on around her that never gets heard because people either are “too insane to understand” because of Medical abuse by psychiatrist or people being put on AC till they go literally insane. I ‘m going to start with me and my situations. I’m on hunger strike, it’s been almost one week. I’ve only been pulled out one time by Amy Gunderson, she do not work over in WCI full time no more. I’m on my strike because of the AC people and how they sexually abuse us and the list goes on. But I really need you to pass my name on to people who reach  out for the hunger strikers and all the newsletters Because the AC and other crap needs to stop.

I’m a 23 year old Black man, for the first time in my life, I’ve never seen no shit like this in my life of living! These COs are really in Waupun raping, lying to other inmates about what another inmate said about their crew just to get a fight started, stealing medications and taking them home. Putting their fingers in people’s assholes, not one time but 5 other times since I been here at WCI- letting the homosexuals have  sex with Cos and inmates.  The staff are now going around asking all the inmates if they are gay or bisexual. And now the business office is taking 50 % of people’s money. So now if you had a court order that 50% be taking away for you, now 50% more is taken away and that’s 100%. Its crazy because some inmates are going to court because some of us are court ordered only 25% under Act 355 I think. We have not been noted by authentic people, only Department of Corrections! Other Cos are going around saying:”We are going to break you mother fuckers down.”Waupun is a mess and the lady C0 who got stabbed was calling the inmate “fag “and other unprofessional things. I am a short timer, I go home in 10 months and I’m going to fight with you and other people to stop this insanity! I’m thinking about starting a TV and other property program because people can’t afford anything and the CO take action against that. They don’t want us to have shit! They Say we are “pigs and pigs get shit and eat it.”They make over 100 thousand dollars of food and feed us small amount. All of our food goes in the trash!
At end, asks to be connected to advocacy groups and lists of resources for free clothing etc

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Michael Newman, alone in world, soon to be released, needs to connect

Michael Newman 529013; CCI, PO Box 900, Portage, WI 53901
Summary of My Story

Hi, my name is Michael Newman, a 26 year old African American, i moved to Milwaukee from Chicago when I was 12 years old-that’s when my life started to change. When I was 15 years old I got into a big fight with my father for abusing my brothers and sisters and even my mother. I got kick out of the house and went to St. Charles and then to Lad lake. All my life I was in and out of group homes. And in 2007 I caught my first case for armed robbery with my so called friends and ended up doing 30 years in prison, and that cycle never stopped. I got locked up back in 2013 for the same case again with my so-called friends, and one point in my life I was homeless. While I was in prison my mother died in a house fire in Milwaukee along with my oldest sister; I went wild, almost took my own life cause my mother and sister was gone and they were my only support. So I thought to myself, what would my mother want me to do, so while I was locked up I got my HSED and changed my ways. I love to draw, read, sing and watch movies. I get out of prison august first of next year.  I’m looking for new friends and I would love to get to know you. I’m going home with no friends, I’m on my own –so if you would like to make a new friends, you can write me at Michael Newman 529013; CCI, PO Box 900, Portage, WI 53901.